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You think of the spray fan, we basically have. Related parameters: square / circle refers to the water tank for water tank (black) circular water tank (black / blue), refers to the fixed height can not be adjusted, lifting means fan height can be adjusted, usually in the 1.6 meters -2 meters, it is lifting with remote control; 26 inch /30 inch blade diameter is 26 inch, 30 inch 65 cm, 75 cm.

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Choose the beat fan, different styles of baby classification instructionsSquare / circle refers to the water tank water tank is fixed (black) circular water tank (black / blue), refers to the fixed height can not be adjusted, the middle pole for lifting rod; remote paragraph refers to the fan height can be adjusted, usually in the 1.6 meters -2 meters, the design of the middle pole for stainless steel tubes also, lifting or with remote control function; 26 inch /30 inch is a fan of the size of the diameter of 65 cm, 26 inch, 30 inch 75 cm diameter.

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 Product characteristics of incidental information
No high pressure centrifugal atomization - two - maintenance free design; no nozzle; cooling fast - start cooling immediately; electricity - 5 hours of continuous use only 1 degree electricity consumption; - strong motor each spray fan wheel base can be used alone, hanging, hanging, manual passage set free installation, does not occupy the working space. Flexible and convenient, safe and reliable, is the injection of ultrafine particles, does not produce water droplets; composite type atomizer - fog and wind will be completely separated from the solution droplets formed by similar products because of the wind blades in contact with water mist and easy blockage, cleaning difficult problem, the installation form blocks, disassembly and maintenance is very convenient; reasonable design, automation high degree, compact structure, beautiful appearance, easy to plug. At present, it is widely used in textile, printing, cigarette, medicine, flowers, greenhouse, animal husbandry, mushroom cultivation and other places which need to adjust humidity, purify air and reduce temperature.
The advantages of spray fans with additional data and other cooling products
The traditional air-conditioning has high energy consumption and high operating cost, which limits the purchase to a certain extent. Our type spray evaporation cooling fan, reflects the human nature, beautiful appearance, energy saving, environmental protection and other characteristics, the cooling solution provides the perfect for electronics, textiles, footwear, plastic, machine shop, cigarette factory, Jia Jun, modern office, supermarket, hospital, casinos, waiting room environment ventilation.
1, environmental protection products: it is no compressor, no refrigerant, no pollution of the environment-friendly products, this is the use of indoor air cooling and evaporation cooling principle with indoor air convection to achieve ventilation cooling and humidity increasing purpose.
2, the operation cost is low, can quickly recover investment: compared with the cold air fan series, power consumption is only 1 / 2-1 / 3
3, the cooling effect is obvious: in the more humid areas (such as the southern region), generally can reach 3-6 degrees around the obvious cooling effect; especially in hot dry areas (such as the north and northwest of China), the cooling rate can reach about 3-8 degrees celsius.
4, the investment cost is low, does not occupy the building area: compared with the air cooler system, the cost is less than half, and the equipment does not occupy any building area.
5, keep indoor air clean, clean, sanitary, open doors and windows to exhaust is a major feature of evaporative air conditioner, one hundred percent fresh air to change the way people always in natural environment, no conventional air conditioning bring to the sense of the foul air out of the room.
6, easy maintenance and installation: the system is simple, easy to install and maintain quickly, without professional maintenance personnel.
7, prevent air drying: it can wet the skin, and has some benefits to the skin.
8, low noise, small vibration
9, evaporative spray cooling fan is cooled by water evaporation, the distance from the air supply is large, and the air volume is large, which can make the enclosed place temperature distribution evenly, and has the function of filtration. Make the indoor environment comfortable, high oxygen content, fresh air, and the traditional central air conditioning is the direct use of freon refrigeration, air temperature, air volume, the room temperature is not easy to be uniform. And the ventilation function is poor, it is not suitable for semi closed place, if used for a long time easy to "air conditioning disease"".
10. The service life of the evaporative spray cooling fan is twice as long as that of the traditional central air conditioner, the overall failure rate is low, and the equipment maintenance is simple and convenient.
11, the spray cooling fan can more effectively increase the environmental humidity and reduce the environmental temperature than the traditional air cooler;
Select and exclude the appropriate environment
1, industrial products are not suitable for household and office, except for special sites;
2, closed, small space, afraid of humidity is not suitable for the place;
3, centrifugal spray atomization capacity, within 2 meters rangeWater particleIt is not suitable for high fineness of atomization;
4, high temperature, high temperature, dust, floc and other places affecting the normal electrical appliance is not suitable;
On the evaluation: because the performance of these products is fixed, it is important for a problem at any time, communicate with customer service in the buyers to buy or receiving goods, evaluation in advance do not communicate, not familiar with the product performance evaluation, random doodle pro, do not enjoy preferential policies related to our customer service. Because the sale of the product is just beginningIt's good to finish communication,All problems can be solved easily.