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A large number of spot of thick wall tube grinding cylinder of stainless steel tube 45# chrome plated piston rod grinding

Our company is a large number of grinding cylinder tube, pipe, tube, cylinder model pipe, thick wall pipe, stainless steel grinding grinding pipe spot, will be preferential prices, wholesale and retail, to provide fast quality service for you, welcome new and old customers to negotiate, dianyi. Sales Hotline: 152065082330635-8308038 company website

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price: USD$ 42.00
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Liaocheng Jin QingSteel Pipe Co. Ltd. tube in whatever grinding machining method, leaving marks uneven fine in parts of the surface will appear, the phenomenon of peak valley goes ups and downs,
Rolling processing principle: it is a kind of pressure finishing, is characterized by the use of cold plastic metal at room temperature, using the rolling tool to put some pressure on the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece surface of metal plastic deformation, fill in the original residual indentation trough, and reach the surface roughness value reduction. Because of the plastic deformation of the rolled surface metal, the cold hardening and grain refinement of the surface layer, the formation of dense fiber, and the formation of residual stress layer, the hardness and strength increased, thus improving the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and compatibility of the workpiece surface. Rolling is a non cutting plastic processing method.
No cutting technology is safe, convenient, and can accurately control the accuracy, several advantages:
1, improve the surface roughness, roughness can reach RA or 0.08µ m.
The 2 amendment, roundness, ovality can be less than 0.01mm.
3, improve the surface hardness, the deformation is eliminated, the hardness increased more than 4 DEG HV
4, residual stress layer after processing, improve fatigue strength increased by 30%.
5, improve the quality of cooperation, reduce wear and tear, prolong the service life of parts, but the processing cost of parts is reduced.
Precision grinding tube surface quality
The surface is crossed reticulate, which is beneficial to the storage of lubricating oil and the retention of oil film. It has higher surface supporting ratio (the ratio between the actual contact area of the hole and the shaft and the matching area between the two holes), so it can bear greater load and wear resistance, thus improving the service life of the product. Honing speed is low (is one of the dozens of grinding speed), and the whetstone and the hole is surface contact, so the average grinding pressure of each abrasive particle is small, so honing, the workpiece heating is very small, the workpiece surface almost no thermal damage and metamorphic layer, deformation is small. There is almost no sand and extrusion hard layer on honing surface.