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Manufacturers selling high imitation Yadeke MGPM (L) three cylinder by cylinder with rod rod cylinder

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Brief introduction:

The cylinder is called the Chinese mainland, while Hongkong and Taiwan are called cylinders. It refers to a container in which the piston is allowed to move up and down in the internal combustion engine or the external combustion engine. In a multi cylinder engine, the cylinder is usually arranged in a row, which is called a bank. For example, the V arrangement of the engine is composed of two sets of cylinders arranged in the form of V. The cylinder body (Cylinderblock) is formed by multiple or one cylinder row.

Working principle

According to the size of the force required to determine the piston rod on the thrust and pull. In this way, the output force of the cylinder should be slightly margin. If the selection of small bore, the output power is not enough, the cylinder not working properly; but the diameter is too large, not only the heavy equipment, high cost, and the gas consumption increases, resulting in energy waste. In the design of the fixture, the force amplifier should be used as much as possible to reduce the size of the cylinder.


The following is the formula for calculating the theoretical output of the cylinder:

F: theoretical output force of cylinder (KGF)

F ': output power (KGF) when the efficiency is 85% - (F' =F * 85%)

The cylinder (mm): D

P: work stress (kgf/cm2)

Example: when the working pressure is 3kgf/cm2, how much is the theoretical output force of the cylinder with 340mm diameter? What is the output power of the cylinder?

Connect P, D, find the points on F, F ', get:


Select the cylinder in the engineering design, according to the theory of the use of pressure and push or pull the size, found from experience in table 1-1.

Example: a cylinder is the use of pressure in the cylinder is 5kgf/cm2, launched its thrust is 132kgf (cylinder efficiency 85%) Q: the choice of the big cylinder?

The theoretical thrust of the cylinder can be calculated as F=F '/85%=155 (KGF) by the thrust 132kgf of the cylinder and the efficiency of the cylinder 85%

By using 5kgf/cm2 theory - thrust pressure and cylinder bore, found 63 cylinder selection? Can be used to meet the requirements.


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