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Meizhou Hunan rubber wall corner corner reflectors garage parking lot yellow and black rubber strip contour standard

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Note: the right angle rubber corner with a unit price of 800*100*100*8mm

Also known as retaining wall corner reflectors,Rubber crash strip,Round corner reflector,Rubber corner protector,Rubber fender,Straight angle,Rubber crash stripCollision angle)

Product Name: right angle reflective rubber corner
Product specification: 800*100*100*8mm   

Other specifications: 800*100*100*6mm, 800*100*100*10mm, 600*80*80*10mm, 1000*100*100*8mm/10mm, 1200*100*100*10mm

Pasted color lattice film, highly reflective

1、Equipped with eye-catching yellow reflective warning strip,Black and yellow are the same,Enhance visibility during the day.

2、Embedded high brightness yellow reflective material,More attractive to motorists in poor light or at night,Improve safety.

3、The rubber is of moderate hardness,It can effectively protect vehicles and buildings

4、 Easy installation,Firm and durable.

The material is rubber.

Installation position:Installed in the parking lot column, corner, parking space behind the wall. The installation position is the height of rubber anti-collision strip from the ground to the ground20Centimeter.

Installation method:Embedded in the parking lot wall and column edge angle, with expansion tube fastening screw tightened in place.

Product function:The parking lot is the interior column or channel protruding part must add reflective angle. Installation of anti-collision strips in parking lots can prevent vehicles and other vehicles from bumping into buildings during driving and turning, or rubbing or bumping with columns, scraping or bumping paint and columns. The reflective film on the surface can also play a warning and protective role. Even if the driver's negligence causes the collision of the vehicle and the building, it can also reduce the degree of damage.

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