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The ultra-thin copper Retro Vintage kerosene windproof lighter lighter laser engraving customized kerosene ignition

discount 70% in 2018-08-15 to 2018-08-17
price: USD$ 40.46
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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[brand]: Zorro (Hongkong oil and kerosene lighter in Hongkong)

[Specification]: 3.5 (centimeter) wide5 centimeters high: 0.8 centimeters

[color]: the original brass knurling and bright copper color (which is required to leave a message or tell the seller, no random delivery of the message)

[material]: pure copper

[packing]: as shown in the original factory's hardcover gift box, the new machine has no oil.

Features: this lighter is a very creative lighter at the moment.

The super fine machine friends do not recommend you to buy, this type of lighter has a little trace of welding, and very delicate. It does not affect any beauty, unless you are very demanding on the appearance.






[buyer notes]:


1. Adjust the flame
1, when using, with the decrease of gas content and the change of ambient temperature, the flame height will change to some extent. This is a normal phenomenon. You can adjust the flame height moderately.
2, when in use, the normal flame height should be regulated in: wind and straight into the class of the lighter is 1.5 - 2.5 cm; Langqing, gasoline and flame lighter for 2.54.0 cm;
3, if you need to adjust the flame height, please use the screwdriver at the flame regulator itself with grooves; such as lighter adjusting ring, can be directly used to adjust the finger (-) the direction of the arrow is clockwise rotation, can reduce the flame height; (+) to the direction of the arrow is counterclockwise that can increase the flame height.Note: revolve counter clockwise and can't exceed half a circle on the basis of normal flame height. Otherwise, it is possible to damage the product.

Two. Gas adding method
1. When the air is added, there can be no Mars or fire. To ensure safety. Do not smoke while smoking;
2, a qualified butane gas should be used, and the inferior gas may damage the lighter or reduce the service life.
3, ordinary type filling, please inverted lighters, gas bottle outlet alignment and cover the lighter inlet, with the beat several times, each time for 2 seconds or so; if the gas can not be.

Spare air in the steam box, at this time you can carry out air, with a small screwdriver at the inlet of the air intake 1-2 times, and then air operation;
4, broke the machine in the filling, please use a screwdriver to loosen the screw inlet cover, and then according to the above steps. When the air is added, the screw cap can be flping, and it can't be too tight; otherwise, the screw can not be too tight.
Causing the machine and the machine cover cover is not dense sound is not clear, but also to the escape of gas. Langqing type hardcover with special nozzle with filling machine;
6, when all kinds of lighters add fuel, they need to wait for at least 1 minutes, so that the newly filled gas temperature will be adjusted to room temperature, and then wait until the residual gas attached to the lighter is completely volatilized.
Fire. If the ignition is done at this moment, the residual gas of the lighter may be ignited, causing unnecessary danger. When the gas is re - added, the flame height is too high or over if it is used.Low, it is a normal phenomenon, and can adjust the height of the flame moderately.

Three. Precautions
1, contain pressurized flammable gas, please stay away from children;
2, do not puncture or throw a lighter, do not throw into the fire;
3, please use in the ventilation environment, pay attention to flammable items;
4, head and face towards the direction of non combustible material such as skin and clothing, to avoid danger;
5, please look for the outlet of the ignition position, moderate ignition by the dozen. Different styles of lighter are ignited in different ways: straight, side, side, and gasoline engine should be quickly rubbed with grinding wheel.

The sound machine uses the thumb to quickly rub the roller from right to left.
6, use if not careful with soot and other debris fall into the outlet, should be timely blowing hard to remove debris, otherwise it will cause a bad fire;
7, clear voice and grinding wheel lighter, such as engine cover open, gas began to escape. Therefore, be sure to cover the cover when it is not ignited.
8, this product is not suitable for lighting, do not continue to burn more than 1 minutes, so as to avoid high temperature scald skin;
9, do not keep the lighter in a high temperature environment (50 degrees Celsius / 122 degrees Fahrenheit) for a long time and avoid direct sunlight for a long time, such as the outdoor area around the stove, the outdoor closed private car and trunk.