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Hanska Korea HANSKA full grinding spiral tap M3M4/ machine wire tapping M3X0.5M4X0.7

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Twist drill(Twist drill manufacturer)Service and maintenance process
1When the twist drill is used, the cross member bolt joint is inserted into the drill bit part, and the movable connection nut is positioned in the direction slot
Tighten the connecting nut, insert into the predetermined drilling area, and press clockwise clockwise into the soil by hand200~250Mm: upward drilling.(If too deep contribution will be very laborious and not convenient)The soil is the soil sample which is away from the section.
2Reciprocating work to1M need to drill deeper, should be clockwise to loosen the drill bit part connecting part connecting nut remove from cross section, the additional part of the bolt head is inserted into the connecting part of drill bit parts connecting screw clockwise to tighten the connecting nut, and then transverse components with the drill pipe on the same(1)Work better than three, four, five, etc. until the end of the work.
3Twist drill pipe is made of Pu wall seamless steel pipe, so it should not be used in hard soil area.4

After each use, should be washed and dried, coated with anti rust grease, in order to prevent rust.



Drilling operation and bit installation of taper shank twist drill

Taper shank twist drillDrilling
aDetermine feed speed: feed speed is generally based on experience, generally speaking from the numerical value0.08-0.12mm/Turn, or0.6-1.0mm/Second, the feed rate is the key factor in drilling, different feeding quantity can form different iron, iron will make different performance chip changes
bPositioning: the drilling location in a positioning point or chisel center with alloy needle markTenWord line to ensure the accuracy of drilling location. Note that the use of a positioning center chisel point, please ensure that the center is perpendicular to the workpiece surface image, so as not to affect the smooth discharge of cutting material core.
cPlease, began drilling: the proper speed, please make sure that the bottom of the seat clean before starting the magnetic drill, first open the magnetic seat and open the switch of the motor, motor operation and open the coolant switch, when the bit contact plate, slowly feed, drill into the ca.1-2mmThen feed at normal speed.
dEnd of drilling: turn off motor to spindle1Determine feed speed: feed speed is generally based on experience, generally speaking from the numerical value0.08-0.12mm/Turn, or0.6-1.0mm/Second, the feed rate is the key factor in drilling, different feeding quantity can form different iron, iron will make different performance chip changes
Taper shank twist drill
Bit installation

Slowly lifting the drill box, the corresponding four leg drill box into four hole drill turntable, according to the specifications selection box core drill bit plate corresponding to the convex point corresponding lifting plate into the drill bit box core box and then to install the drill bit box groove and the core plate, will the drill bit into the box, a bit on the turntable heart card. Then twist the drill bit to connect the nut to the drill string


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