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Tang Qian NPL65-12YUASA (Tang Qian) 12V65AH UPS maintenance free lead-acid battery backup power

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Company profile
Guangdong Tang Qian was founded in 1996, is Japan's Tang Qian Corporation in China, only produced "YUASA" (Tang Qian NP), NPL, UXH, UXL series valveLead acid batteryThe large-scale production base, the full use of lead-acid battery in Japan Yuasa's leading manufacturing technology, the technology of Japanese Yuasa ninety years follow many professional development, research and manufacturing experience of lead battery.
Product features
1, the maintenance is simple: gas generated inside the battery charge is substantially reduced to the absorbed electrolyte, the electrolyte did not decrease substantially.
2, liquid hold high electrolyte is absorbed in a special separator, flow state is not maintained, so even if the fall can also be used. (fall more than 90 degrees above cannot use)
3, superior safety performance: because of the extreme charging operation error caused by excessive gas can be released to prevent cell rupture.
4, the self discharge small: with special lead calcium alloy production grid, the self discharge at a minimum.
5, long life (design life of 3 ~ 6 years) the economy is good: the battery plate grid with special lead calcium alloy corrosion resistance good, while using a special partition can keep the electrolyte, and also with strong compression positive plate active material, prevent the loss, so the battery is a long service life and economy.
6, small resistance: due to the small resistance, good high current discharge characteristics.
7, deep discharge recovery ability is excellent: in case of a long-term discharge, as long as the full charge, basically does not appear to reduce capacity, can be restored quickly.
The scope of application
Yuasa batteries mainly used in communications equipment uninterruptible power system emergency lamp electronic alarm system of solar system toy control equipment.
 Product model


NPL is a specially designed long-life battery, 25 degrees in the design life of 10 years, at 20 degrees C design life of 15 years.

Design life:

10 years (25 C) /15 (20 C)

Product specifications:

Nominal voltage(V)
Nominal Voltage

The hourly rate of capacity
Rated Capacity(Ah,25)
The termination voltage of each cell1.75V
Reference size
Approx Dimensions(mm)

20hrate10hratelongLengthwideWidthContaining terminal height
Overal Height