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Wholesale T shape household hardware maintenance tool combination set screwdriver sleeve ten yuan store source

discount 70% in 2018-10-18 to 2018-10-20
price: USD$ 6.93
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:2
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About size
The goods are in accordance with the method of measuring baby details page manual measurement, please buy carefully compare the size, the method and the measuring of each person is different, some error is a normal phenomenon, everyone must see the size of the purchase, not to return the size of the standard, if you have any questions to the Advisory service.
The photos are taken for commercial professional photographer, the late meticulous repair system and color adjustment, try to be consistent with the actual goods, but due to different lighting and display color deviation of color and personal understanding, may lead to physical existence of color and the final color photos, please from the actual product shall prevail. If the color and products have special requirements, it is recommended to order a small quantity first, and then wholesale.
About after sale
We pay attention to each of your evaluation, if you are not satisfied with our products or services, please contact with our customer service, we will be in a reasonable time to give you a satisfactory solution
About Delivery
We solemnly promise, all the baby in the spot, pay after delivery on time, advance sale according to the date of delivery. Please inform customer service if there is any special requirement.
Sign for receipt
When you receive the parcel, please do not rush to sign in the receipt, please be sure to express the inspection on the spot in the face of the courier, such as baby damage or lack of quantity, please reject! And on the spot contact with the store (express on the phone), once the sign that you are aware of the quantity, content and integrity of the goods, the shopkeeper will not be able to claim for the buyers express company! Please also excuse us no longer bear the loss due to the content of the goods, lack or damage caused! Please contact us promptly if you have any questions after receipt of the goods! The shopkeeper and the buyer solve the problem together. Let buyers get 100 percent satisfaction! Finally, I wish the buyers happy shopping in our shop!
Wholesale description
First, single order rules
1, the price for the actual wholesale price, support mixed batch, the number is not limited, click "confirm the order", the system will automatically calculate the courier fee, at the same time you can see the courier company's specific charging standards. Need to send logistics customers, please contact us, the online display of freight changed to logistics fees or freight to pay, logistics is not like express delivery, need to take delivery of their own. Because at present, under the order of Ali is unable to choose to send logistics or express, we set the default system sent express.
2, Yiwu small commodities, a price one point goods. I hope you will treat product introductions and pictures with abstract thinking. The product is continuously improved and upgraded, and some of the product pictures are processed by artists. If you are looking for a particular manufacturer of a product, please contact us before the order confirmation.
3, the product has options, you can choose colors, we will be shipped according to orders. No color option is generally random delivery, random color according to what color we have in the warehouse.
4, please make full use of "buyers message" remark your special requirements. We try our best to meet it, so that the warehouse can also see notes, not to send wrong goods, wrong logistics, etc.
Two. Delivery rules:
1, we shipped mainly two ways, the goods are not a lot of recommendations, express delivery, door-to-door, convenient and quick. Cargo logistics is more cost-effective, but it is their own logistics company to pick up goods, usually not very convenient. Rhyme express default Yuantong express logistics, the default private open freight line, Yiwu every day to all parts of the country's truck, Yiwu logistics developed general places have direct access to the truck, after the arrival of the shipping company will call delivery, even if there is no direct truck and urban areas of the county level freight company will arrange the truck will be transferred goods. Directly to the local consignment fee a cargo is probably about 25 yuan, need to transit the local transfer fee is probably about 10.
2, 1-2 days after delivery, except for special cases. Due to the background of Ali is not perfect, the specific delivery time, express to scan records as the standard, not to the background "click shipment" as the standard. To update the telephone number and logistics logistics subject.
3, the designated logistics must be "buyers message" remarks Yiwu phone and address, chat record is not as a certificate.
4, the direct distance is different, generally three, five days arrival, need to transit places about two or three days later, except for special cases. Specific to the actual arrival of the logistics, we can not control, the arrival time requirements, you can specify logistics.
5, the specific delivery address to the shipper's notice as the standard, the delivery is not convenient, you can specify logistics or express delivery.
6, we can also according to customer specified logistics delivery, for example, the new state, Debon Jiaji, world arima. But the shipping costs are more expensive.
Three, after sale rules


1, receipt within 3 days (in order to sign the receipt date), timely feedback product information and receiving information (Yi Suipa pressure, whether less goods, actual receipt situation), overdue acceptance. The false and false situation will be rejected once verified.
2, within 7 days of receipt (in order to sign the receipt date), such as the discovery of functional failure and other quality problems, please contact us promptly, overdue acceptance.
3, customers in the receiving, regardless of whether the outer packing box is damaged, need to open the box inspection. If there are some quality problems such as damage caused by transportation problems, please let the relevant transport company provide the proof of the stamped fresh card, and provide the proof to us, and we will assist the customer in making claims.
4, not satisfied, not similar as the reason, there is no quality problems returned, not accepted.
5, serious quality problems accumulated more than five kg return please return, return freight borne by our (and expensive logistics Nadu Kakichi refused to return, please contact customer service and customer service to return the way, if you insist on negotiation) return shipping charges, after all, is not to do wholesale and retail, please understanding! (part of the product will have small defects, not as a quality problem returned reason)
6, on the exchange, within 500 yuan and does not affect the two sale, packaging intact without damage, the company free exchange for customers need products. (return the freight by the buyer, refuse to pay the freight) 500 yuan or more goods exchange goods, buyers need to bear 15% of the depreciation cost and factory warehouse warehousing finishing fee. Goods do not affect the two sales, packaging intact, adjustable exchange.
7, ceramic products, glass products and other fragile goods and marked non return products, do not accept returned goods. In detail, we can contact customer service, we will be in the interests of customers, as far as possible to avoid loss of customer goods.