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MC-3969cb1066CB filter, water purifier, water purifier, filter and water purifier

Genuine guarantee, the beauty of the standard accessories, this suite adds quartz sand filter smile cover, not only beautiful, but also very practical oh! Dear, please buy it quickly!

discount 70% in 2018-10-19 to 2018-10-21
price: USD$ 38.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Our filter is a new brand of original factory! QA Good faith management! Acceptance of any channel testing!

Promotional information:


This package adds quartz sand filter smile cover, not only beautiful, but also very practical! Dear, please buy it quickly!

 Applicable model:

MC-3(969CB)  MC-3(1066CB)

Baby details:With a smiley faceQuartz sand filter pre 1, activated carbon fiber filter 1, rear Ppmian filter 1, a total of 3

The adsorption properties of activated carbon filter, activated carbon fiber filter adsorption of chlorine and other odor molecules, the water after the water taste better, Ppmian filter can effectively remove impurities such as rust sediment

Filter replacement period

According to the water quality of different areas and the water consumption of different users, the service life of the filter core is quite different. When the filter element is used for a long time, the filter material has failed, and the rejected impurities will produce two pollution. The replacement life of the three filter elements is generally:

The columnar PP cotton filter 3-6 months

BlackActivated carbon fiber filter core for 3-6 months

Quartz sand filter6-12 months

Selection of filter element type

Each of the water purifier back nameplate has models, determine the type of water purifier, you can choose the corresponding filter element. Buyers can go to the maintenance outlets or stores to see the object, and then to the store to buy.


Professional services in our shop:

 bybuyhomepresentUsecleanBucket all accessories (not limited to)cleanBucket matchingfilterCore) provide freefeetechniqueart.Consulting service, can supply related special parts, also can supplycleanBucketriselevelOr forchangefilter(corethiscanYesYou drinkWater for drinkingqualityPromoteandBeauty has stoppedyieldFilter cartridge replacementVery useful! Oh.


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