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Imported self reducing pressure valve self pressure reducing valve inlet pressure reducing valve

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Introduction of imported self reducing valve self pressure reducing valve inlet pressure reducing valve:
The valve is used to control the opening and closing parts of the opening to adjust the flow of medium body, medium pressure will be reduced, adjust the opening and closing parts of the opening at the same time, the role of pressure through the valve, the pressure valve to maintain a certain range, the inlet pressure of changing circumstances, to maintain the outlet pressure in the range, subsequent protection of life and production equipment.

Import self pressure reducing valve self operated pressure reducing valve inlet pressure reducing valve working principle:
The pressure reducing valve is a special device to automatically reduce the working pressure of the pipeline. It can reduce the high water pressure in front of the valve to the required level of the pipeline after the valve. Pressure relief valve is widely used in high-rise buildings, urban water supply network pressure high area, mine and other occasions, in order to ensure the water supply system in each water point to obtain the appropriate service pressure and flow. In view of the water leakage rate and waste degree is almost proportional to the water pressure of the water supply system, so the pressure reducing valve can improve the system operating conditions and potential water saving effect, according to statistics, the water saving effect is about 30%.
There are many types of pressure reducing valve, such as thin film type, internal spring, piston type, etc.. The basic principle of the pressure reducing valve is to reduce the water pressure by the local resistance of the flow inside the valve passage, and the range of the water pressure drop is automatically regulated by the water pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the film or the piston on both sides of the valve. In recent years, some new types of pressure reducing valves, such as constant pressure reducing valves, have been constructed, as shown in Figure 14.2 - 2. The principle of constant pressure reduction is controlled by the hydraulic pressure ratio of the floating piston in the valve body, and the ratio of the inlet end to the outlet is inversely proportional to the area ratio of the piston side of the inlet and outlet. This valve work smoothly without vibration; the valve body spring, so spring corrosion, metal fatigue failure of consideration; good sealing performance, no leakage, and therefore reduce both the dynamic pressure (water flow) and reduced static pressure (flow 0); particularly in the decompression at the same time does not affect the flow of water.
The pressure reducing valve usually has a variety of specifications such as DN50 ~ DN100, and the working pressure before and after the valve is less than 1MPa and 0.1 ~ 0.5MPa, respectively, and the range of pressure regulation error is between 5% and 10%. It should be seen that the flow through the relief valve although there is a big head loss, but because of reducing the waste of water and make the system flow distribution reasonable, improve the system layout and working conditions, so on the whole is still energy saving.

Installation and maintenance of inlet pressure reducing valve for self operated pressure reducing valve of imported self pressure reducing valve:
1. in order to facilitate operation and maintenance, the valve is generally installed upright in the horizontal pipeline.
2. the installation of pressure reducing valve must be in accordance with the arrow direction on the valve body and keep the flow direction consistent. If the water quality is not clean and contains some impurities, the filter must be installed at the upstream intake of the relief valve (we recommend that the filtration accuracy is not less than 0.5mm).
3. in order to prevent the pressure overpressure after valve, a pressure reducing valve should be installed at the outlet of the valve not less than 4M.
4. valve back to play a role only in the pipeline, in order to prevent water hammer damage, small expansion tank can be installed, to prevent damage to pipes and valves, filters must be installed before the inlet valve, the expansion tank must be installed after the valve outlet!
5. if you need to install the relief valve in the hot water system, you must install a check valve between the relief valve and the expansion tank. In this way, the expansion tank can absorb the water volume due to thermal expansion and prevent the backflow of hot water or the influence of pressure fluctuation on the pressure reducing valve, so as to ensure the normal operation of the pressure reducing valve for a long time.