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Beautiful genuine water purifier filter MU-3566CB568CB569570cB beautiful water dispenser accessories

Set filter core contains: resin filter, 1 +570 hollow ultrafiltration membrane 1 + activated carbon filter element

discount 70% in 2018-10-15 to 2018-10-17
price: USD$ 164.50
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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The combination of three filters in the suit is very reasonable. Softening water quality, improving taste, and fine filtration are the best combination of water purification industry at present stage. Especially the ultrafiltration is the import of MITSUBISHI large ultrafiltration, filtration speed, high precision, long life, stable performance and so on. Not part of the business with small ultrafiltration plus shell to replace Oh ~!


It is suitable for the following types of water purifier, water purifier and water purifier:



Filter element configuration:

Activated carbon filter 1 + softening resin filter 1 + large ultrafiltration filter 1


It is suitable for seamless upgrade of the following modelsFilter accuracy improvement / performance more stable):



The filter core features.

1. activated carbon can absorb foreign substances in water and odor, improve taste!

2. resin filter core can absorb calcium and magnesium ions in water absorption, effectively reduce scale, improve water quality!


3. ultrafiltration is the most advanced MITSUBISHI ultrafiltration of the pure water bucket. Its performance is stable, the membrane is not easy to break, the filtration area is large, the filtration water speed is fast and the service life is long. The life span of this ultrafiltration is 2-3 times as much as that of other ultrafiltration.

Matters needing attention in cleaning:


Activated carbon filter contains activated carbon particles, the collision process will produce activated carbon powder, before installationCleaning will flow out with the water, that is, Blackwater, which is a normal phenomenonIt is also the characteristic of activated carbon

Professional services in our shop:

All the fittings (not limited to the matched filter of the bucket) are provided for the buyerFree technical advisory serviceIt can be supplied with relevant special fittings, and also can be suppliedUpgrade or replace filter element of matched supply net bucket(this is very useful for the improvement of drinking water quality and the replacement of cartridge filters for discontinued models.

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