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UPS gold medal shop - product selection navigation table
Navigation table for power supply and time configuration of UPS,blueText Click to connect to the corresponding commodity, the corresponding power equipment needs to delay the configuration of the time
UPS standby time calculation method: (single cell capacity X battery number X12V battery voltage) / equipment power X0.7 loss = extended time (hour): G1KL configuration 3 100AH battery for 600W equipment use (100AHX3X12V) /600WX0.7=4.2H (hour)
brand power Model Unit Price Voltage regulator (input range) Applicable equipment LCD screen Automatic switch machine Spare time (minutes)
Reddy company 360W 188 yuan Regulated 145-290V 1 computers nothing Auto Power On 1 PC = 20
Reddy company 500W 265 yuan Regulated 145-290V 2 computers nothing Auto Power On 1 PC = 30,2 PC = 10
Reddy company 600W 350 yuan Regulated 145-290V 3 computers nothing Auto Power On 1 PC = 45,2 = 25,3 = 12 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company 1800W 1100 yuan Regulated 145-290V 12 computers Yes Automatic switch machine 1 PC = 120,2 = 60,3 = 40 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company 360W 208 yuan Regulated 145-290V 1 computers Yes Auto Power On 1 PC = 20
Reddy company 500W 285 yuan Regulated 165-276V 2 computers Yes Auto Power On 1 PC = 30,2 PC = 10
Reddy company 600W 385 yuan Regulated 165-276V 3 computers Yes Automatic switch machine 1 PC = 45,2 = 25,3 = 12 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company 900W 560 yuan Regulated 165-276V 4 computers Yes Automatic switch machine 1 PC = 60,2 = 30,3 = 15 Taiwan Taiwan
Reddy company 1200W 760 yuan Regulated 165-276V 6 computers Yes Automatic switch machine 1 PC = 60,3 = 15,6 = 5 Taiwan Taiwan
The use of engine power after the power outage time \ \ 10 minutes 30 Minutes 1 hours 2 hours 4 hours 8 hours
It 10KVA/8KWG31-10KL 9500 yuan 13200 yuan 16200 yuan 18200 yuan 29000 yuan 50900 yuan
It 15KVA/12KWG31-15KL 16800 yuan 19600 yuan 21500 yuan 35600 yuan 51300 yuan 79200 yuan
19890 yuan 23500 yuan 28200 yuan 40800 yuan 59400 yuan 103000 yuan
It 30KVA/24KWG31-30KL
Three three 30KVA/24KWG33-30KL Three three 40KVA/32KW host G33-40KL Three three 60KVA/48KW host G33-60KL


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Reddy company (LADIS) UPS uninterruptible power supply H600 ultra wide voltage 600VA360WLCD LCD battery single computer for 20 minutes

Brand: Reddy model: H600Warranty: three years warranty

Whether a UPS power quality, the key is to look at the battery life, reddys our UPS power built-in high quality YUASA Yuasa battery life of 3-6 years, the three year replacement, Quanguolianbao, factory direct sales! No UPS power brand can do it!!

 Product features:

· Simple, compact, generous appearance of the machine, large screen LCD LCD display, all operating parameters clear

· Ultra wide power input range145-290VacStrong environmental adaptability,Ensure low voltage areas as usual, the computer does not restart, do not shut down

· Excellent microprocessors ensure reliable operationOmnibearing protection computer

· It can automatically regulate the power supply, reduce voltage and stabilize the voltage output

· After the battery is cut off, the battery can be automatically switched on and powered in time and charged to the battery to ensure the stable operation next time

· Output analog sine wave

· Shutdown charging function

· Intelligent DC boot, meet the emergency use

· Excellent generator compatibility and power grid synchronization tracking capability

· Perfect and reliable battery undervoltage, short circuit output, overload, over-voltage, overtemperature and other protective functions

· Fully automatic charging, extending the service life of the battery

· Intelligent battery protection, to prevent battery deep discharge and damage the battery



 If the cat, routers, switches appear network drop case, please replace the corresponding power adapter wide wide 100-300V can solve the problem



UPS power load which can not be: such as fans, air conditioning, electric drills, hair dryer, induction cooker and other inductive load!!!!

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Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Anhui,Hunan. this5Provincial default Express (Huitong express or Yuantong Express), Guangdong send SF or Yuantong express, Beijing, Tianjin, Hubei,FujianJiangxi, Fujian, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, send tact or Huitong express, if this9In the province there is no express delivery area, the hair will be issuedEMS (EMS economic express). The post office of China post is located in the north and the south of China. With it, the express city and countryside can be reached smoothly. Of course, because E didn't go Po airlines, take the goods is slightly slow.Because the UPS power supply contains batteriesAviation embargoProducts: Hainan, Inner Mongolia, Gansu,Ningxia, Qinghai, Xinjiang and Tibet do not mailPlease contact customer service to make up the difference in freight charges.



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