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The imported TOSG Dabao extrusion screw tap tap M1M1.2M1.4M1.6M1.7M2M8M3M4M6TOSG Ti

discount 70% in 2018-09-19 to 2018-09-21
price: USD$ 77.98
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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  • Flat heads can be machined blind holes
  • The tip is suitable for machining through holes
  • Description:Also known as chipless extrusion tap tap, is the use of metal plastic deformation principle and internal thread processing of a new type of thread cutting tools, thread extrusion extrusion Taps is a chipless machining process, especially suitable for low strength, good plasticity and copper alloy Aluminum Alloy, can also be used for stainless steel and low carbon steel, low hardness etc. large plastic materials tapping, long service life. With the extrusion tap extrusion thread surface finish, metal fiber thread is not broken, and form a layer of hardened layer on the surface, which can improve the strength and wear resistance of the thread. Extrusion Taps fundamentally solve the problem of chip removal in tapping, because of no chips, more conducive to the assembly of threads. It is widely used in electronics and plastics industry.

    The main features are summarized as follows:
  • 1., no chip is produced when tapping, because no chip is suitable for thread processing of blind hole, and the processing time of chip can be omitted;
  • 2. there is no chip groove, the tap area is large, so endurance, torque strength, tap life is long, there is no interference of cutting, it is not easy to break;
  • The processing surface of 3. internal thread is beautiful and smooth, the material fiber is not cut off continuously, the thread strength is increased by 30%, and the precision is stable;
  • 4. female thread plastic flow forming surface roughness is good, the effective deviation is less;
  • 5. the plastic processing method is used as the tool for processing the mother thread, and it is suitable for the materials with good extensibility.
  • Extrusion wire tapping TOSG is divided into sharp head flat price
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