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Original 5 Daikin DAIKIN variable frequency parallel air conditioning compressor JT100BAVTYEJT160BATY1L

Our firm specializes in a variety of brands and models of complete compressor, factory direct sales, a large number of spot, price concessions, bulk procurement and quantity of better, quality assurance.

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
price: USD$ 1960.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Tengda electric applianceIs a franchise of domestic and foreign brands compressor enterprisesBusiness, brand: Toshiba, Matsushita, Copeland, SANYO, Danforth, maneurop, 100, Bristol, Taikang, Fuma Harper and so on domestic and foreign brands of compressor. A closed, scroll machine, piston machine, Carrier, SANYO, Pitzer, Copeland semi closed screw machine, full range, many of the more rare on the market can be customized special compressor, fishpond unit, cold storage unit and a series of equipment installation, cold water machine cooling and heating equipment.

Service commitment:This shop has signed the consumer protection service agreement, the seller who joins this service should promise: responsible for the buyer's failure to receive the goods, the goods received and the description, the quality of the goods and other issues, to protect the interests of buyers, please rest assured to buy! Our store has been added seven days to return: the seller who joins this service must promise: after the buyer signs the goods7 days, if not satisfied with the goods, without affecting the premise of the two sale,Support the exchange request, but we do not accept the return of freight.

Product description:Parts of compressors are all mass produced, so parts of accessories are not dated. Air conditioning accessories, unlike food and household goods, have shelf life and have no impact on quality Ring. The compressor is also unlike digital products that there is a very good package, specification, certificate, general accessories are simple packing over, so some parts surface will have a scratch, and in the process of transportation and logistics may be freely thrown, oil spills, air conditioning parts only focus on quality and practicality of itself so, don't understand please take, thank you!

Logistics transportation:The price of all compressors in our storeNo freight and taxWhen delivery, self paid freight, because the compressor is relatively heavy goods, express delivery cost is relatively high, and easy to damage. So logistics is cheap and safe. It can be found in all county-level cities in china,3-5 day arrival, if buyers need to send an Kakichi, Debon, world Arima, Jia Yi, the new state logistics chain, please contact customer service instructions.

After-sale service:Please buyers carefully read baby description, do not buy wrong. If you don't have a clear picture, you can provide pictures or models. The wrong purchase can be returned. But the freight must be paid back and forth in Chengdu, and the exact time is after receiving the goodsThe goods will be returned within 24 hours. The goods must be kept as the original, opened and broken without permission.After sales problems must first contact the owner, without prior contact, the goods will be returned directly. Our shop is not processing, the shop refused to pay everything.

About warranty:Refurbished machine: warranty for half a year, new machine: no warranty after welding.Special description of the compressor during the warranty period, we only accept replacement,No freight back and forthPlease forgive me!

Installation notes:Wiring instructions,220V voltage: R capacitor and power supply, C connected to a single power supply, S connected to a separate capacitor. The three-phase voltage balance and phase sequence of 380V must be determined. The compressor does not leak, abnormal sound, pressure foot is bad heat, fluoride qualified products too much, resulting in high voltage load of the compressor, compressor will cause damage to the parts or sear lock. Before installation, be sure to check the potential factors that may cause compressor damage, such as: system blockage, system water, low or high voltage, three-phase lack of phase, poor cooling of the condenser, compressor working environment and so on.

Maintenance and repair of compressor:

1, cleaning unit parts should be used without corrosive solvents, strictly prohibit the use of flammable, explosive and volatile detergent;

2, after the compressor running for a period of time, must regularly check the safety valve and other protection system, to ensure its sensitive and reliable, generally tested once a year;

3, compressed air and electrical appliances are dangerous, maintenance or maintenance should be confirmed that the power has been cut off, and the power supply hanging "overhaul" or "no gate" warning signs, in order to prevent other people from closing the power transmission damage;

4, downtime maintenance must wait for the whole compressor cooling and system compressed air safety release, and maintenance personnel as far as possible to avoid any vent in the compressor system, shut off the corresponding isolation valve;

5, compressor spare parts must be provided by the factory, its screw oil must be the company designated screw compressor special oil, and the two brands of oil is prohibited mixing, otherwise it will cause the system focus coke cause major accidents.