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BQ71F stainless steel clip type insulated jacket ball valve 304 thin insulation ball valve DN50

Compared with the ordinary ball valve, the clip type thermal insulation ball valve has the advantages of short structural length, light weight, convenient installation, material saving and so on, and has good heat preservation effect, compared with the ordinary ball valve in Italy.

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Clip type insulation ball valveProduct Brief

    Clip type insulation ball valveAccording to the characteristics of Italy products, compared with the ordinary ball valve, it has the advantages of short structural length, light weight, convenient installation, saving materials and so on,Good insulation effect. In addition, the valve seat adopts an elastic sealing structure, which is reliable and easy to open and close. The valveIt is equipped with fireproof structure. It can operate reliably and has good sealing property in case of fire. Antistatic structure can be installed according to user's requirement. Set up90Angular switch with hole positioning piece can be locked according to need to prevent misoperation.

Clip type insulation ball valveWorking principle

Clip typeA metal sleeve is welded between the two ends of the heat insulation ball valve, and the connecting port of the jacket is arranged on the side and the bottom of the heat preservation ball valve, which is used for the inlet and outlet of the steam or the heat conducting oil, so as to achieve the heat preservation effect of the ball valve and ensure the normal circulation of the viscous medium.

Clip type insulation ball valveProduct features

    1, the clip heat preservation ball valve adopts the integral jacket structure design, more uniform insulation, cold preservation.

    2, the clip insulation ball valve is smaller than the general ball valve, lighter weight, and no leakage, good sealing performance.

    3, jacket carbon steel pipe welding, more stable than the casting.

4, the diameter and diameter of the valve to one, medium flow in a straight line, small resistance, can effectively reduce the heat loss of medium in the pipelineIt has good performance for liquid medium easy to solidify and high viscosity.

Clip type insulation ball valveApplicable scope

    Clip type heat preservation ball valve is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, pharmaceutical, food and other systems, to transport heavy oil, glue and other high viscosity media at room temperature.

Clip type insulation ball valvestandard specification

    Design and manufacture standards: GB/T12237, ASMEB16.34

    Structural length standards: GB/T12221-2005, ASMEB16.10

    Connecting flange standards: JB/T79, GB/T9113, ASMEB16.5

    Pressure and temperature level: GB/T12224-2005

    Test standards: GB/T13927-2008, JB/T9092, API598

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