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Luban lock set price of adult children of the Dragon sways its tail wood unlock Yi intellectual toys assembled

discount 70% in 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-18
price: USD$ 118.10
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Wooden Kong Mingsuo will be controlled slightly due to bad weather and structure and so on. It is slightly loose. This is not related to the quality. If it is due to tightness, the freight for the return must be borne by itself. There are a few Kongming lock may have a small flaws in this does not affect the case please forgive, the higher the suggestion of a friend shot, or contact the store to pick up some relatively compact, when some Kongming lock had just opened a little smell, as long as the an airing would not, please rest assured. Kong Mingsuo can be installed as long as it can be removed. If it is difficult, you can contact the store to help you!  




The toy is China ancient and traditional intellectual game, has a long history of a very mysterious mathematical principle and physical principle, you will marvel at the wisdom of the ancients! It is your rest, but also cultivate children's imagination, perception Chinese great ancient wooden building technology good teaching aids, is the collection of exquisite beyond compare doll. Even in a short period of time it is difficult to split back, the small shape is a big test of people's IQ, want to try it? That is to act quickly.
If it is due to the tightness of the refund of the freight to bear the freight Oh! This is not what we can control, the basic sellers are the same












[warm sharing]
1. What are the benefits of a puzzle toy for a child?
Children's toys - growing partners, eternal themes, intellectual toys.
Intellectual development of children, training children's ability of practice, give children a happy childhood indelible.
2. What are the benefits to students?
The puzzle toy seems simple, but it contains infinite mystery and mystery, which involves many disciplines, such as geometry, topology, operations research, and graph theory in mathematics. After class break, when playing with classmates, there will be some perceptual knowledge about the related knowledge points in these disciplines, unconsciously increase intelligence, deepen friendship among classmates, and prepare for social integration.
In addition, intelligence toys will provide children with an intelligence display platform besides their achievements: what children can do in one second can not be done in an hour or even a day, which is inspiring and uplifting.
3. What are the benefits to the family? (the top weight!)
Family toys - family harmony catalyst, parent child generation gap eliminator.
Research shows that playing puzzle toys contributes to the harmony of the family. When the whole family sat together to play with toys, each member felt the family was very warm. Parents and children can communicate in the process of playing, find common interests and interests, produce resonance, and eliminate the generation gap between the two generations.
4. What are the benefits for the elderly?
The toy of the old people - the new favorite of the silver hair family, the companion of life.
Coordination of the body function: the coordination of the hands and feet of the elderly, the coordination of hand eye and other physical functions, it is necessary to make it more flexible through continuous training.
A psychologist believes that the elderly are very curious, toys can meet their spiritual needs; some elderly people living alone, if you can bring up like the toy interest, will give life to increase the number of flavoring agents, with mild dementia in the elderly, can not only improve the quality of life, also can promote health and longevity.
5, to travel to the people, what role can it bring?
Tourist toys - a good companion for leisure on the journey.
Do you feel lonely on the long journey? Do you think there is nothing to say about the people in the right and left? The group has just begun and the topic can say nothing feel very embarrassed?
At this time, intelligent toys can not only serve you the boring travel time, but also your "charm weapon": resolve your embarrassment in communication and enhance your personal charm.

Next to the next cabinet to follow a couple of issues on Kong Mingsuo:

1. on the problem of Kong Mingsuo's tightness - the difference in the discrepancy of modeling (some models)Very looseSome shapescommonlySome shapesTight) the wood itself is soft, too.Recommendations were careful to remake, before making the eyes look carefully. You can ask a few more sellers to ask the situation.

The store owner's suggestion: if you put the baby's valueseeAbove, it is suggested to go to the supermarket to buy plastic, and the plastic is tight, but it's hard to start where to start. In addition to the plastic is made of other materials from the abrasives, the majority of the toys are pined, so do not take so much effort when they are disassembled. It seems that many people will focus on it"Type"On the other hand, the value of intellectual toys is the process of thinking. The price can also be seen if,"Type"To focus, the price will be several times higher.

2. about woodScar crackProblem - some of the properties of wood itself,There will be a scar or a crack and a small gap.The guarantee does not affect the play,Perfectionist carefully takeAfter all, it's a cheap thing.

3. about Kong Mingsuo's illustrations - baby's value is to use the brain to ponder and test your patience. FromWill not come to the meetingThere is a sense of achievement, or the answer is done again, so I'm sorry for the value of the baby. In fact, you will find that it will be easy to play with it.


The owner's suggestion: if you don't play, do not blame your IQ too low, blame youDo not love the brain, impatience. It is not, you can receive the goods to the customer to seek help, we can do. We also collected video of some people's experience sharing, but not all the locks. People who will play and share experience with us, thank you.

5. about the size of the problem - the shape is different, the size is different.The majority of 7 centimetersA few small 5 centimeters, a few large 9 centimeters.

 Sixth points:Because we are not the same batch of goods, occasionally there will be some smell of paint not fully dispersed on packing up Kong Mingsuo, Kong Mingsuo is a plastic packaging, airtight, so that the smell does not open, so you open the smell the smell of paint, please do not worry, our toys are regular factory the production of paint, are the national security departments in strict testing to production, pro opened, over time will naturally dispersed.

Seventh pointsWe did not indicate that the Kong Mingsuo, which was packed, was a single plastic seal, without a gift box. Plastic packaging is the outermost layer of transparent plastic film wrapping type, which is closed plastic bag sealing effect after a good, some time because the temperature is not well controlled, leading to collect plastic bags will be burned phenomenon, sometimes in the process of delivery due to mutual extrusion of plastic bags can not keep intact. After all, it's just packing. Take it.There is no impact on the toys, I hope the relatives do not put this on the heart!