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Emerson 211-C2348V20A embedded power

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Emerson 211-C2348V20A embedded power

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A detailed description of the large supply of Emerson NetSure211C23 Download documents: PDF DOC TXT

Installation precautions:
This chapter introducesPower SupplyDebugging content after installation of the system to be carried out. In the debugging process, must comply with the safety provisions of the corresponding.
5.1 installation inspection and power:
Before the test, shall notify the power system on behalf of the manufacturers responsible person. By electrical engineers trained to complete the system debugging. Please take off the ring, watches and other metal items may cause a short circuit.
During the operation, pay attention to Danger! High Voltage, to avoid personal injury and property loss. Power system must be well grounded. Must be installed before the inspection before testing.BatteryFor the first charge.
Confirm the power input circuit breaker, AC input circuit breaker, rectifier module and load breaker disconnect, ensure that all equipment installed in place.
Please check the power system according to the following items.
5.2 installation inspection:
All the air, fuse and cable specifications correctly;
Power system grounding is correct and reliable, input / output cable connection is correct and reliable;
The number of single battery and battery is connected correctly, the correct polarity;
All solid and reliable connection;
Communication and alarm cables have been connected to the monitoring module, if equipped with a temperature sensor to ensure the sensor is installed correctly;
5.3 ready to start:
All the air has been disconnected, fuses have been removed;
Measuring the AC input voltage, the voltage value in the system to ensure the rated input range of Umin = V;
Make sure the battery set is connected with at least a short ground bar not connected battery installation is completed, to prevent short circuit caused by positive and negative shorted;
All batteries in a battery connected connection section is not installed;
Using the voltmeter to measure each battery connection point and ensure correct polarity of battery. The lead-acid battery contains 24 single battery, voltage readings should be 2.0V ~ 2.1V/ ~ 51V/ cell or 48V cell. If a single battery voltage readings of less than 2.0V, to replace the single battery;
Using an ohmmeter check, confirm the short-circuit between positive and negative output DC busbar busbar or battery positive and negative phenomenon (note before measuring all the rectifier module out after measuring recovery);
5.4 start:
Closed power system AC input circuit breaker monitoring module should display the correct voltage value, current value;
On the rectifier module green indicator light will light up and began to turn the fan. A delay time monitoring module display output voltage is 53.5V;
Use the table to check the bus voltage and system voltage polarity. The measurement error should not exceed 0.3V and the display value;
By inserting and pulling out of the rectifier module sequentially startup and shutdown each rectifier module. The output voltage of the rectifier module measurement;
5.5 set the basic parameters:
For the first time in power system operation, must according to the actual situation of the user configuration and configuration of battery number, nominal capacity and current limit points and other functional requirements, set the system monitor module, and then the normal system operation information display and output control operation.
Change the parameter settings need to enter the main menu and parameter settings (Code: 2), the basic parameters, the parameters of the battery, the "management approach" is set to "manual", then return the battery parameters under the sub menu settings (except where otherwise noted). See "SCU series monitoring module user manual specific method".
The type system has set before the products leave the factory, check whether the actual system and set the same type (48V/SET);
According to the actual number of battery connected battery fuse group. Default: 2 group;
Based on the actual connection of battery capacity of the total nominal capacity set. Default value: 100Ah;
Set the temperature compensation coefficient according to the requirements of battery manufacturers. The range of temperature compensation coefficient is 0mV/ to 500mV/ DEG C. Default value: 72mV/ C.
(if the temperature sensor is not configured, this is not set)
Set the current limit point. Current limit point range: 0.1C10 ~ 0.25C10. Default value: 0.1C10;
According to the voltage of the battery supplier recommended setting monitoring module.
Float voltage: 42V charging voltage to the default value: 53.5V.
Charging voltage: floating voltage to 58V, the default value: 56.4V
For the free charging battery, charging voltage can be set to 0.1V higher than the floating voltage
Using a multimeter to measure the battery voltage and record. Enter the main menu to control output (Code: 2) - module voltage output will be sub menu, rectification module
The voltage is set to the actual voltage of the battery, the battery is inserted into the molten core. The output voltage of the rectifier module is set to 53.5V
Enter the basic parameters of the sub menu, the "management approach" is set to "automatic" current power equipment brand is complicated, in accordance with the performance requirements of network inspection standards, various power equipmentDa TongIn addition, security services, each is different. The power of brand equipment such as improper selection, will make the maintenance of scattered resources, power weakened, maintenance work hard, difficult to obtain security service vendors. The main supplier of Emerson network power global network energy equipment for this launch power supply service, based on quality, service honed weapon, extend the service to brand development.
In order to meet the requirements of modern communication, adopts modular design, local or unit failures generally do not affect the global spread, but if not timely repair will stay hidden, upgrade from general failure to emergency. In this regard, ENPC launched on-site repair service. Emerson network power assignment of the power supply service engineers, maintenance or solve the problem diagnosis, and according to the available information, decide whether to carry the related spare parts. The power supply equipment customers by experienced engineers to use the new diagnostic tools and equipment for maintenance, in strict accordance with the procedures, can fully guarantee the power supply repair after the precision and reliability. According to the influence of fault on system, Emerson network power will be on-site maintenance is divided into a fault maintenance, fault repair, two grade and three grade fault repair, four fault repair and maintenance of all.
Service has become an inevitable trend of the development of the power supply, installation and acceptance of services is a key generation dimension. Manufacturers through the inspection of products, after several transport, turbulence, especially in mountainous areas, traffic situation worse, the power delivered to the installation site, may occur inside and outside the electrical contact loose and fall off; the factory settings may not be consistent with the reality, these will become hidden trouble for days after the operation. If you offer installation and acceptance of services, it will be these factors were excluded, correction, will provide the necessary protection for the reliable operation of the equipment after the day.
Emerson network energy accumulated many years of experience in the construction engineering work, launched a special project service. Emerson network power arrangement senior engineer to clients for power engineering project, provide advice and consultation, including equipment layout, power supply scheme, in handling scheme, fixed installation and debugging program and acceptance test plan. The service has the advantage of professional norms, and prevention, stand in the position of customers and make full use of Emerson network power technology and talent advantages to help the client installation power, greatly reduce the customer's operation and maintenance costs.
The power market space for those who are prepared, the strength of the manufacturers, is unlimited. In the booming telecommunications industry today, power manufacturing industry competition, in addition to some of the core enterprises, there are some small and medium manufacturing plant products into the market. However, how to make the service for the shaping of brand power rather than the icing on the cake, as a decoration? It depends on the manufacturer's service level and service quality. Emerson network power supply service one step ahead, is a manifestation of the comprehensive strength of the.