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Citric acid kettle descaling cleaning detergent dispenser cleaning agent 1000g shipping in Beijing

Food grade citric acid 1000g large package

discount 70% in 2018-09-24 to 2018-09-26
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Product Name:citric acid


[methods of use]

1, 1 bags of detergent apart according to severity and area scale to pour a little water container needs cleaning inside.General humidifier, egg vaporizer, bottle sterilizer and so on, only a few grams can be put (like cooking fried salt so much). Detergent and water ratio: 1:20;

2, the water is injected into the container, proportion of detergent and water can be carried out according to the 1 and 20 shares of the proportion of water remover,The proportion of preparation can be appropriately increased or reduced according to the seriousness of scale. The water must be covered with incrustation as much as possible.

3, according to the scale number and thickness of soaking time, minor scale without waiting, can not touch the hot water directly cloth wipe the surface to remove the thin scale;

4, especially large humidifier, kettle and scale serious, please extend the soaking time, or with cloth, paper towels to help cleaning.

5, pour out the sewage, wipe with cloth or paper towel, and then rinse with water.

Hint: some products are difficult to control in the inner part of the product container (for example, the water dispenser can not know how much water), it can also prepare the solution in advance, and then pour into the containers which need to be removed.

Tip: the best time in the minor scale vessels can be removed, as long as the little detergent, and mixed with warm water and cold water, wipe with a cloth dampened with water can be removed directly. In particular, the scale is soaked in warm water, and the scale is basically out of the container and then cleaned.

Note: the water temperature is more than 80 degrees, the hotter the better.

Four. [notes]

1, this product can not clean the coke marks due to heat;
2, this product non-toxic, odorless, taste acid, colorless, non corrosive, safe, please feel free to use;
3, this product is a high concentration of additives, please don't eat directly; after Kaifeng please use in time, to avoid children take play wrong food;
4, this product is similar to sugar and color, shape, nature, preservation methods are similar, not on the let the children can touch the place, do not save in a damp environment;
5, storage time is too long, may have a slight hardening caking phenomenon, but it will not affect the quality, please rest assured to use.

Five. [why descaling]

Humidifier fouling affects fog, not even spray;

Water bottles or other boiling water containers use a long time, will be a layer of scale, we only think that this water is not good, in fact, scale will harm people's health. Natural water contains various minerals, so the natural water exists metal ions, the national hygiene standards for drinking water have some restrictions, not harmful to human bodies in these limits, but the long-term water boiling container will accumulate to form calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate precipitation, the precipitation will adsorb traces of heavy metal ions in water in the process of precipitation, and the formation of scale. The scale is relatively insoluble in water, water heating after some precipitation will be dissolved, the formation of re precipitation of heavy metal ions into the water, the content of heavy metal ions in water exceeds the health standards, endanger human health, such as calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate in the human body a lot of sedimentary formation of stones. Mercury can cause fetal abnormalities. Scale also affects the thermal conductivity of boiling water containers, thereby wasting energy. Scale will be easier to absorb bacteria in water for reproduction.

Six. [common descaling methods]
In daily life, people try to remove the scale, some spade shovel, but also useful vinegar boiling. But the effect is not obvious, and may cause damage or smell of the fuselage. With this baby scale, easy to get!