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EASTNP65-12 EAST battery, 12V65AH power DC panel, UPS power battery

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EAST NP series valve regulated lead acid battery

Product introduction

Lean liquid type valve regulated lead acid battery NPIt is mainly used in alarm system, emergency lighting system, electronic instrument, post and telecommunications, power system and large scaleUPSAnd computer standby power supply, fire standby power supply. Nominal voltage is6V12VRated capacity of1.2AHreach250AHThe design of Floating Life:7-10(year25

application area

Alarm system, emergency lighting system, electronic instrument, post and telecommunications, power system, large scaleUPSAnd computer standby power supply, fire standby power supply

Good safety performance

"Lean liquid electrolyte battery design, are all plates and superfine glass fiber separator without electrolyte adsorption, free flowing inside the battery, no electrolyte leakage under normal use, side90Degree installation can also be used normally.

"Control valve type structure, when the battery is in high pressure occasionally through an automatic, open safety valve, release the pressure, ensure the safety of internally generated combustible and explosive gas gathering, reach explosive concentration, excellent explosion-proof performance.

Maintenance free performance

The sealing efficiency of the gas seal is higher than that of the cathodic absorption type seal without maintenance95%Under normal conditions, the water loss is very little, and the battery does not need regular fluid maintenance.

Green environmental protection

"No mist under normal charging, no pollution, no corrosion of equipment room environment.

Self discharge small

The gas potential is highPb-Ca-SnAlloy in20In the dry environment for half a year, it can be put into normal use without power supply.

Applicable environment temperature is wide

》-1045Smooth operation.

High resistance to high current performance

Tight assembly process, internal resistance is small, can be carried out3Discharge discharge with double capacity3Minutes (≤24Ahallow7Continuous discharge to end voltage)6Discharge discharge with double capacity5Seconds, the battery has no exception.

Long service life

Due to the use of high purity raw materials and long life formula, battery consistency control process,NPSeries battery life of up to normal float design710(year≥38Ah)。

Good consistency of battery pack

"Regardless of the cost of the battery group in each cell has the characteristics of relatively consistent, that is put into use after long-term discharge consistency and float consistency, not the individual behind the battery and the battery down.

Start from the grid, the weight and thickness of the paste;

Weighing and grading of plates before assembly≥38AhA battery) to ensure the relative consistency of the amount of active substance in each monomer;

Quantitative and precise acid injection, four charging and three discharging system, equalizing the performance of the battery;

Before discharge, the battery is discharged, and the capacity and open circuit voltage are matched once;

≥38AhThe stationary period of the battery before shipment is detected715DayTime trialWhen it is out of the warehouse, again100%It can detect effectively  Very suspicious batteries that are difficult to detect at the line;

  According to the open circuit voltage and internal resistance of the battery, two times matching is carried out.