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936 constant temperature electric soldering iron handle heating core A1321 iron core 936A welding table 60w1321

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 936Soldering stationThere are 3 kinds of commonly used heating core is 1322.1323.1321.1322.1323. which can replace each other, and 1321 are not interchangeable, what difference does it make for 1323 stainless steel heating core. 1321.1322 is a ceramic heating core, and 1321 of the core has a groove. Its service life 1323 > 1321 > 1322. generally buySoldering stationstaySoldering stationWhat heating core is used on the engine?.

Use note:

1. Ni Cr heating wire in four core wire is treated by heat treatment

Longer than the commonly used heating core in the market

2. lead four root, power 60W

Wiring method:

Two red lines (two short)It's a heating core, regardless of direction

Blue line and transparent line(two long) is the temperature control induction line, with direction

Judging method: one of the temperature control is magnetic, and the other is not

In the demolition of the old heating core, first with a magnet to distinguish, make a mark, then, put the boot temperature to a minimum, if the anti temperature control line, temperature controlled has been increased, then need a reverse temperature control line can be.

It must be noted that the working voltage of 24V, do not connect 220V, the wrong answer, the consequences of self Kazakhstan

Constant temperature welding table use experience sharing

1. iron core life length, different manufacturers vary in quality.

2. reasons: heating core fracture - knock tin too much. Two countermeasures -- run out of large transparent plastic inner ring made of tin slag iron box, knock buffer on paper tin slag box, protect iron.

3. handle line INT (open circuit), no reason, no countermeasures, can only cut the cut off, and then welding good. The more cut the shorter

4. burning fuse or burning SCR. Main reasons: handle with a long time, the tip will loose, we have a habit of tightening the handle, but the iron head every day to the water in the sponge wipe, and the heating core patina of rust and iron mouth stick together, we will bring the heating core to rotate together in the 1, tightening handle: heater is broken, 2 Results: fever core wires twisted together. The handle power supply short circuit, firing 936 hosts. Countermeasures: from time to time, remove the handle to clean up, don't let the heating core and iron mouth stick together.

5. high temperature melt heating core, countermeasures: according to the welding needs, transferred to the appropriate temperature, make it a habit: not when the iron is transferred to the lowest temperature or turn off.

6., the handle is an electronic loss, maintenance, and the use of time is long.


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