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EAST EAST UPS battery, Guangdong EAST NP160-12 lead acid battery 12v160ah battery

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Guangdong EAST power Limited by Share Ltd is the national Torch Program key high-tech enterprises and the global power quality solutions provider, long-term professional commitment to UPS power, distributed generation systems and other power, new energy products research and development, production and sales. The company is "Guangdong innovation enterprise", "Guangdong independent innovation 100 strong enterprise", "Guangdong provincial government through the car key service enterprise", "ten big financial technology outstanding enterprise"". The independent brand "EAST" was approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Bureau as "the A Well-Known Trademark in China" and the Guangdong Provincial Administration for Industry and Commerce recognized the "Guangdong famous trademark", Guangdong Provincial Department of foreign trade and economic cooperation that "focusing on cultivating and developing the export of famous brand in Guangdong province". "News broadcast", "economic half-hour", people's daily, Xinhua news agency, important domestic media has a special report on the development of the company performance and widely publicized "investigative journalism" company as the Pearl River Delta industrial transformation and upgrading "demonstration enterprise special subject reports. CCTV "business" section of the company "modern military management" special reports. Success servesThe Boao forum for Asia, the Qinghai Tibet railway, Wuhan Guangzhou high-speed railway, the Guangzhou Asian Games and Shenzhen Universiade and other large national projects, for the central government procurement, agricultural bank, Chinese ICBC, CITIC Bank, China Construction Bank, China Everbright Bank, China Merchants Bank Chinese Chinese, China Mobile, China Unicom, Chinese China TelecomUPS used for major projects.

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EAST EAST battery

Product category: NP series

Product model: NPSeries
Detailed information:
 Valve controlled sealed lead acid batteryIs a maintenance free battery products in Guangdong EAST power Limited by Share Ltd after nearly twenty years of continuous innovation, mainly covers two types of 5 Series: Lean liquid NP series, GM series, NPJ series colloid; type GMJ series, CNF series; rated voltage includes 2V, 6V and 12V three standard series, capacity range 1.2AH~3000AH, hundreds of models, the annual output of about 500000KVAH.
The design concept, purpose and performance oriented high pure raw materials and strict incoming inspection, comprehensive multi-level process details of control, ensure our battery products sufficient capacity and good consistency, long service life, all of the items (including part of the project reached more than) the national GB standard, JIS standard and individual standard part of Japan customers demanding; and 100% 100% battery line final inspection and static period after the factory inspection, to ensure that our products are reliable, stable battery, equipped with the leading power in our company all power products, photovoltaic products, at the same time, with competitive price and good pre-sale, sale, customer service service. The lead-acid battery company as an independent product sales, also.

Long service life
"Because of the high purity of raw materials and long life formula, battery consistency control technology, NP series battery normal float design life of up to 7 to 10 years (more than 38Ah).
Good consistency of battery pack
"Regardless of the cost of the battery group in each cell has the characteristics of relatively consistent, that is put into use after long-term discharge consistency and float consistency, not the individual behind the battery and the battery down.
(1) control the weight and thickness of the grid and the paste quantity from the source;
The general assembly before the plates by weighing and grading (= 38Ah battery), to ensure the consistency of active substances in each monomer amount;
(3) quantitative accurate acid injection, four charging and three discharging system, equalization of battery performance;
Before discharging, the battery is discharged, and the capacity and open circuit voltage are matched once;
The static phase detection over 38Ah battery before departure, after 7 to 15 days of the "test of time", the library again seized 100%, very few can effectively detect line to doubt battery detection;
The library is based on open circuit voltage and internal resistance of battery was two times with the group.

Valve regulated sealed maintenance free lead-acid battery is the crystallization of Guangdong EAST power Limited by Share Ltd after nearly twenty years of continuous innovation. The NP series and GM series batteries developed for the Asian market, is a successful experience of decades of production experience. Excellent quality and excellent performance have been widely praised by users. High energy density, full sealing structure, long service life, high reliability and good service can provide greater convenience for customers.
application area
Alarm system
Emergency lighting system
Electronic instrument
Railways and ships
Communication system
Electronic systems
Solar and wind power generation systems
Large UPS and computer standby power supply
Fire standby power supply
Peak load compensation energy storage device
Performance characteristics
No maintenance without fluid infusion
Free electrolyte
Adapt to environmental temperature wide (-35~+45 C)
Side down 90 degrees can still be used
The service life is long
Self discharge loss is small
The service life of NP series can be up to 3~5 years
The factory is convenient to use
The service life of Gm series can be up to 8~12 years
Unique formula, deep discharge, good recovery performance
Safety explosion proof