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Mini air compressor factory air compressor supply Galileo compressor price

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Oil free silent air compressor
The whole copper core coil is not mute, it is very small compared with ordinary

Oil free air compressor can offer no oil pollution, environmental protection and clean air is widely used in the field of Dentistry, aquaculture, food, medicine, health, beauty, chemical and scientific experiments, can also be used when the vacuum pump.

Performance parameters of oil free silent air compressor:

The main advantages are as follows
The 1. motor adopts advanced design system to optimize the design to ensure the compressor to achieve high power, high efficiency, low energy consumption, high performance and high reliability.
2. piston ring of the new environmental protection materials and design, small friction coefficient, self lubrication, to replace the traditional piston engine lubricating oil history, more important is not produce any harmful gas containing oil, does not cause two pollution source.
3. the cylinder liner adopts advanced surface hardening technology, which greatly reduces the thickness and speeds up heat transfer. It can effectively improve the compactness and wear resistance of the surface and reduce the friction coefficient. Thus, the service life is prolonged, and the maintenance time and cost are reduced.
The 4. inlet and exhaust valves are made of Swedish valve steel strip after more than 80 hours of precision grinding. With reasonable noise reduction design, the volumetric efficiency is greatly improved, and the noise is much lower than other similar products.
5. multiple pressure and overload protection to ensure smooth and reliable operation of the machine.
6. the design of the whole machine is considerate, flexible, easy to operate and convenient to maintain
Buyers note: machine running for a certain time, the head will be hot, this is a normal phenomenon, such as motorcycle exhaust pipe, heat dissipation, the family has children, please pay attention to the misuse of hand to touch, thank you!!

Portable air compressor
Applicable scope
With a pneumatic nail gun, air, small area of spraying, with dispensing machines and other small instruments, blowing dust, small car charging, decoration, repair shop, bubble machine and so on, small pneumatic tools and instruments are basically can not understand, you can contact customer service.
Solemn promise:All copper core coil for motor
Technical parameter:
ModelNumber of horsespowerPower SupplyExhaust volumeVolume and size of gas tankExhaust pressure
 GKJ-3p30l 3.0p 2.2kw 220v/50hz 0.12m3/min 30l(54cm*25cm) 0.8mpa
 GKJ-4p35l 4.0p 2.2kw 220v/50hz 0.12m3/min 35l(60cm*26cm) 0.8mpa
GKJ-5p40l 5.0p 2.2kw 220v/50hz 0.13m3/min 40l(63cm*27cm) 0.8mpa
The weight size reference; bare metal 3P 21 kg (packed 25 kilograms), 4P (25 kg bare packed 30 kg), 5P (27 kg bare packed 33 kg)
Buyers attention:
The machine runs for a certain period of time, the head will be hot, this is a normal phenomenon, such as motorcycle exhaust pipe, heat, there are children at home, please pay attention to the misuse of hand to touch, thank you!!
Installation operation:
Operation steps and precautions of air compressor
Take out the white lid at the breathing nozzle (the cover is for transportation, prevent the oil from leaking), and change the sharp breathing nozzle in the bag. And check if the oil is above the red circle, if not enough, add oil.
Second, the wheels are mounted, and the ones that go down the wheels are out of the way.
Third, install muffler, muffler is installed in the upper right side of the small hole in the air intake.
Fourth, direct connection, straight through the copper joint at the end of the tape must be wrapped, otherwise it will leak.
Fifth, air compressor general fault and troubleshooting methods.

Packing carton, foam or wooden boxes, Jiangsu can directly photographed express, other areas due to the relatively high cost of express, not anxious users recommend the use of logistics (to be mentioned), before making communication with the seller, in order to modify the price. Thank you!! When the air compressor is received, check whether the packing box is damaged and sign the bill again.

After-sales service commitment

1., the product provides free maintenance for one year, free maintenance during the period if the non-human cause of damage (except force majeure reasons), Shanghai Shigeru Mao industry will be free to replace and repair.

2. the product life-long free repair, after the expiry of the warranty, if the buyer commissioned Shanghai Cang Mao industrial maintenance, Shanghai Cang Mao Industrial will be on equipment maintenance and replacement (ex factory price), and a detailed list of maintenance content.

3., Shanghai Mao Mao industry in line with the interests of customers, customers want to think, anxious customers anxious, do their best to meet customer requirements, do a good job after-sales service.

Product quality commitment

1. Shanghai Cang Mao Industrial responsible for the product quality and delivery time, delivery date of the warranty period of one year (Yi Sun three months), life-long maintenance. For the consequences caused by the quality of products, Shanghai Shigeru Mao industry bear the corresponding responsibility. If the consequences caused by improper operation, Shanghai Cang Mao industry will maintain equipment at a low cost.

2. all suppliers are inspected and evaluated, and all the products are purchased only by qualified subcontractors. The raw materials, purchased parts and outsourcing parts supplied by the sub suppliers should be inspected strictly;

3., product manufacturing strictly implement the "double three check" system, unqualified parts do not turn order, not assembled, not factory;


Relevant information
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The industry has introduced 1186 technologies, with a contract value of 3 billion 490 million, representing an increase of 123.7%, accounting for 19.5% of the total technology import contract. At the same time, the transportation equipment manufacturing industry imported 1 billion 480 million US dollars, accounting for 8.3% of the total amount.
Statistics Bureau: China's GDP ranks fourth in the world, but it is still not an economic power
Xu Yifan, deputy director of the National Bureau of statistics, 9, said that China's GDP (GDP) has ranked fourth in the world, but the per capita GDP ranks the 110th place in the world.
"We should realize clearly that although China is a big economic country in the world, it is not an economic power." Xu Yifan said at the Fourteenth World Productivity Congress held in Shenyang.
Since the reform and opening up, China has maintained an average annual economic growth rate of 9.6%, and the total economic growth has increased by 11 times. According to the National Bureau of statistics and the world bank data, in 2005, China's GDP reached 22350 US dollars, accounting for the share of the world economy, from 1.8% in 1978 to about 5% in 2005, second only to the United States, Japan and germany.
According to the world bank data, from 2000 to 2004, the average contribution rate of China's economic growth to the world economic growth was 15%, second only to the United States, and has become an important booster of world economic growth.
Xu Yifan also pointed out that in 2005 China's per capita GDP is only 1703, equivalent to only 1/25 of the United States, Japan and the world average 1/21 levels of 1/4, roughly the same with Congo, Ukraine, Morocco, ranked 110th in the world.
China's economy still has the problems of low efficiency, low technical content and low added value of products. Chinese GDP accounted for 5% of the world, but the consumption of coal, iron ore, steel, aluminum, cement, accounting for 25% of the world to 40%; core technology with independent intellectual property rights of the enterprises in our country, only about 3/10000, 99% of the enterprises did not apply for a patent, 60% of the enterprises do not have their own trademarks.
Xu Yifan said, for the realization of China's economic transformation from big to strong, must take Scientific Outlook on Development as a guide, efforts to promote the transformation of the mode of economic growth; strive to become bigger and stronger enterprises; efforts to create a favorable environment for independent innovation.
"China's economy has changed from big to strong, and it faces good opportunities for development.". As long as we strengthen confidence, momentum, to enhance the capability of independent innovation as the main line, to stimulate the innovative spirit of the whole nation, will be able to achieve a historic China economic leap in a relatively short period of time." Xu Yifan expresses.

By 2010, China will realize the utilization of 8 billion cubic meters of coal-bed methane
In the 3 months after the relevant policies promulgated by the State Council, Shanxi Province announced that during the "11th Five-Year" period, Shanxi will invest 9 billion yuan to develop coal-bed methane.
Industry gains national support
Coalbed methane, commonly known as "gas", is a kind of unconventional natural gas with methane as the main component in coal seam. Although gas poses a major threat to the safety of coal mine production, on the other hand, CBM is also a clean and efficient new energy source. The relevant data shows that in China the world's third largest gas reserves, estimated reserves of 36 trillion and 810 billion cubic meters, equivalent to 450 tons of standard coal, 350 tons of standard oil, with considerable amount of onshore conventional natural gas resources, which is suitable for the development of approximately 60% of the total.
Although from the beginning of the 50s of last century, China began to develop and utilize the coal-bed methane extracted from coal mine underground, but for a long time, it has not achieved a breakthrough in large-scale commercial production. Industry experts generally believe that the development of CBM industry has not been strongly supported by policy.
In June this year, the national development and Reform Commission deliberated and passed the CBM (coal mine gas) development and utilization "11th Five-Year plan" in principle. According to the plan, by 2010, China will gradually establish coal-bed methane and coal mine gas development and utilization of industrial system, and to achieve the use of 8 billion cubic meters of coal-bed methane.
Shortly afterwards, the general office of the State Council issued "opinions on speeding up the extraction and utilization of coal-bed methane (coal gas)", and issued a number of policies to encourage the development of CBM industry. The opinions clearly stated that preferential tax policies should be applied to the extraction and utilization of coal-bed methane, and the accelerated utilization of the coal bed gas extraction and utilization equipment should be implemented on the basis of the base year, and the depreciation funds should be charged in the enterprise cost. For enterprises directly engaged in coal seam gas exploration and mining on the ground, they may apply for exemption of exploration fees and mining rights fees before 2020. In addition, the use of coal-bed methane power generation or gas supply, priority grid connection.
Shanxi takes the lead in exploring the road
See policy guidance, coal province Shanxi take the lead in "force"". Shanxi provincial government plans to invest 9 billion yuan to develop coalbed methane during the period of 11th Five-Year.
Shanxi Coal Industry Bureau, the relevant person in charge, Shanxi province coal-bed methane has proven reserves of more than 10 trillion cubic meters, accounting for about 1/3 of the total proven reserves.
According to the plan, Shanxi province will be concentrated development in Qinshui and Hedong Coalfield two coalbed methane enrichment areas. By 2010, the scale of gas production in the southern development area of Qinshui coalfield will reach 3 billion cubic meters per year, the Hedong coalfield development area will reach 300 million cubic meters per year, and the Shouyang Gujiao Development Zone will reach 200 million cubic meters per year. At the same time, in order to ensure the comprehensive utilization of coal mine production safety and energy production scale to reach 1 billion 500 million cubic meters per year in Jincheng, Yangquan, mine gas pumping and Shanxi Lu'an coking coal group four, extraction rate and utilization rate reached 60% and respectively.
At present, the main use of coal-bed methane projects in Shanxi power generation. Shanxi Jincheng coal group, using ADB loan, has built a 120 thousand KW coal-bed methane power plant, and will become the world's largest CBM power plant after completion. According to the plan, Shanxi will invest 1 billion 270 million yuan to build 8 CBM power plants in the next 5 years, with a total installed capacity of 189 thousand kilowatts.
At the same time, Shanxi province will take Qinshui coalfield southern coal seam gas key development zone as the starting point, the construction of Yangcheng - Yicheng - Linfen province and other coal gas pipeline inside and outside the province.
Shanxi governor Yu Youjun said in Hongkong the day before, China Gas (0003.HK) plans to invest 100 million in Shanxi coal-bed methane liquefaction project, project cooperation agreement will be signed recently.
Industrial Fund arises at the historic moment
The development of CBM in Shanxi, is expected to be -- China's first energy industry fund of Shanxi energy industry fund support.
According to informed sources, Shanxi province is actively preparing for an energy industry fund, the smooth progress of the work, the intention of the plan has been approved by the national development and Reform Commission approval, the fund will mainly support Shanxi province coal-bed gas and renewable energy industry project.
According to the preliminary plan, the fund will be registered as a corporate fund in accordance with the company act, and will be raised by means of directional raise to domestic and foreign institutional investors with long-term equity investment capability. Among them, 20%-30% funds come from enterprises in Shanxi Province, and the rest of 70%-80% funds will be self-examination of foreign industry groups and financial capital, as well as foreign industrial groups and financial capital.

Key projects of East Route of South to North Water Diversion Project are progressing smoothly
Reporters from the Jiangsu provincial water diversion office was informed that, as of the end of September, South to North Water Diversion Project key projects -- seventh, eighth pumping station, Liu Shan Station solution works smoothly, respectively, to complete the project total investment of 69% and 76%.
Liu Shan station started construction in March 2005, and the project construction is progressing smoothly. At present, a total investment of 160 million yuan has been completed, accounting for 69% of the total investment of the project, and it is expected to complete the installation of two main pumps in the year.
Since the project was started in October 2004, the investment has reached 140 million yuan, accounting for the total investment