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Rivet pulling rivet stainless steel core rivet head pulling nail and core pulling M3.2M4M5

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The person who is particularly concerned about the tolerances is carefully patted.Unit: mm
Nominal diameter D dk k      max d1     max L1 Borehole diameter
Nominal D max min max min
3.2 3.28 3.05 6.7 5.8 1.3 2 25 3.3
4 4.08 3.85 8.4 6.9 1.7 2.45 27 4.1
4.8 4.88 4.65 10.1 8.3 2 2.95 4.9

Chemical composition,%, Max
group C Si Mn P S Cr Mo Ni Cu Characteristic
304-A2 0.1 1 2 0.05 0.03 15-20   8-19 4

The working hardening rate is moderate, it is suitable for general cold working and drawing, and the cold working performance is good. It is widely used for external six angle screws, nuts and washer products.

316-A4 0.08 1 2 0.045 0.03 16-18.5 2-3 10-15 1

Addition of molybdenum, corrosion resistance is more than 304, especially suitable for seawater and chemical medium, more corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance.


1) if the nickel content is less than 8%, the minimum amount of manganese must be 5%
2) the minimum content of copper is not limited when the nickel content is greater than 8%
3) if the chromium content is less than 17%, the minimum content of nickel is 12%
4) for austenitic stainless steel with the maximum carbon content of 0.03%, the nitrogen content can reach 0.22
5) for larger diameter products, in order to achieve the specified mechanical properties, there may be high carbon content in the manufacturer's instructions, but for martensitic steel, it should not exceed 0.12%.

Mechanical properties
category group Performance grade Screw nominal diameter Tensile strength mpa/mm2 Non proportional elongation should be mpa/mm2 After the elongation of mpa/mm2
austenite A2,A4 50

≤ 39

500 210 0.6d

≤ 24

700 450 0.4d

≤ 24

800 600 0.3d

Question 1

Why do 1. stainless steel also take magnetism?

304 stainless steel belongs to austenitic stainless steel. The austenite is converted into martensite partly or in a small amount during cold processing.
Martensite is magnetic, so 304 stainless steel is nonmagnetic or micromagnetic. Specifically, Baidu can inquire why 304 stainless steel is magnetic.

Question 2

2. how to identify the authentic 304 stainless steel products?

(1) support the testing of 304 stainless steel for special test, if it does not change to the 304 stainless steel.
2. Support chemical composition analysis spectrum analysis.
(3) support the smoke test and simulate the actual use of the environment.

Question 3

3. what are the most commonly used stainless steel?

(1).201 stainless steel, suitable for use in a dry environment. It is easy to rust in water when encountering water.
304 stainless steel, outdoor or wet environment, corrosion resistance and acid resistance.
(3) 316 stainless steel, molybdenum, more corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for seawater and chemical medium.