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EAST EAST battery NP55-12UPS special 12V55AH new original authentic storage battery

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GuangdongEAST battery NP55-12Product introduction

1, good safety performance: normal use without electrolyte leakage, no battery expansion and rupture.
2, discharge performance is good: discharge voltage is stable, the discharge platform is gentle.
3, good vibration resistance: fully charged state of the battery is completely fixed, with 4mm amplitude, 16.7HZ frequency vibration for 1 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.
4, good impact resistance: fully charged state of the battery from 20CM high drop to 1CM thick hard board, 3 times no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal.
5, good resistance to discharge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state of the battery for constant resistance discharge 3 weeks (resistance is equivalent to the battery 1CA discharge resistance requirements), restore capacity of more than 75%
6, good resistance to charge: 25 degrees Celsius, fully charged state battery 0.1CA charge 48 hours, no leakage, no battery expansion and rupture, open circuit voltage is normal, capacity maintenance rate in the top 95%
7, good resistance to high current: fully charged state of the battery 2CA discharge 5 minutes or 10CA discharge 5 seconds. No conductive part fuse, no appearance deformation

Good safety performance
"Lean liquid" design, the electrolyte inside the battery is all poles and superfine glass fiber separator adsorption, the battery without free flow of electrolyte, under normal use without electrolyte leakage, side inverted 90 degree installation can also be used normally.
The valve controlled sealing structure, when the gas pressure in the battery is occasionally high, can be automatically opened through the safety valve, release the pressure, to ensure safety, the internal combustion of flammable gas accumulation is less, can not reach the explosion concentration, excellent explosion proof performance.
Maintenance free performance
With the principle of free maintenance of the cathode absorption type seal, the compound efficiency of the gas seal is more than 95%, the water loss is very little under normal use, and the battery does not need regular fluid maintenance.
Green environmental protection
"No mist under normal charging, no pollution, no corrosion of equipment room environment.
Self discharge small
Pb-Ca-Sn alloy with high gas evolution potential was put into the dry environment at 20 degrees for half a year, and it can be put into normal use without power supply.
Applicable environment temperature is wide
"- 45 DEG C can run smoothly.
High resistance to high current performance
"Tight assembly process, the resistance is small, the discharge current discharge can be 3 times the volume of 3 minutes (7 minutes or more than 24Ah to allow continuous discharge to discharge current and discharge termination voltage) or 6 times the capacity of the battery for 5 seconds, without exception.
Long service life
"Because of the high purity of raw materials and long life formula, battery consistency control technology, NP series battery normal float design life of up to 7~10 years (more than 38Ah).
Good consistency of battery pack
"Regardless of the cost of the battery group in each cell has the characteristics of relatively consistent, that is put into use after long-term discharge consistency and float consistency, not the individual behind the battery and the battery down.

EAST battery
NP series of VRLA batteries are mainly used in alarm systems, emergency lighting systems, electronic instruments, posts and telecommunications, power systems, large UPS and computer standby power supply, fire standby power supply. The nominal voltage of 6V, 12V, the rated capacity of 1.2AH to 250AH, the design of Floating Life: 7 - 10 years (25 C)

EAST high quality UPS battery helps ICBC build high efficiency and energy saving data center
These three power supplies, the more preferred power supply, the higher the set voltage. Therefore, it is said that even if the power source is not actively controlled, the power supply from the centralized power supply device to the server will be automatically supplied according to the priority of the photovoltaic power commercial power battery.
SAKURAInternet indicates that the power efficiency of the system can be increased by 15% and the operation cost can be reduced by using the HVDC power supply system. However, the output of DC server based on DC 12V input is relatively low, and there are some expensive topics. In future, if the adoption of HVDC power supply system increases and the output of DC server expands, the economic benefit including initial investment is expected to be further improved.
Change into superconducting cable
SAKURAInternet is also involved in the future of DC transmission demonstration project. August 10th started to operate, Ishikari photovoltaic power plant generated electricity is the use of copper cable to the data center of DC power supply, but in September 24th for a high temperature superconducting cable. The loss of DC power supply is less than that of AC, and the loss can be further reduced by using HTS cable. Compared with the use of copper wires to deliver AC power, the use of superconducting cables to deliver DC power can reduce losses by half.
In addition, the company also pioneered the implementation of the use of superconducting cable to transport AC power attempt, but the unique inductance inductance loss, the use of superconducting cable can not be reduced. In addition, the AC power supply needs three cables, while the DC power supply needs only one minimum, and it also has advantages in saving space.
Because of these advantages, at present, the world has begun the implementation of superconducting DC power supply system of empirical business. Among them, South Korea and Russia are particularly enthusiastic, including the plan, there are already about 500m to 2.5km of empirical projects published. In Japan, the Central University successfully implemented 200m power supply.
The cause of the empirical implementation of Ishikari by the Ishikari superconducting DC power system technology research alliance. The alliance is to jointly study and test of superconducting DC power supply and its related technologies, founded by Chiyoda chemical construction, Sumitomo electrical industry, Central University and SAKURAInternet in January 2014. Demonstration project in Ishikari city is the principal cause of the Ministry of economy.
The first union between SAKURAInternet photovoltaic power plant in Ishikari and Ishikari data center 500m 1.2m underground deep buried high temperature superconducting cable Sumitomo electrical manufacturing, has begun photovoltaic power DC power supply. The cable is cooled by liquid nitrogen at -196 C in a double insulated tube, and the resistance of the bismuth wire is zero. Before the photovoltaic power supply, the commercial power was converted into direct current in early August, and the power supply was tested. The power supply capability of 5kA and 100MVA was confirmed. This is equivalent to about 30 thousand households electricity consumption.

Recently, Guangdong EAST battery Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "EAST") again hand ICBC, with its own research and development, with world-class quality of the UPS battery power supply products to build bank software development center energy efficient data center machine room.

The financial industry has been the industry focus for EAST, the successful bidder for the industrial and Commercial Bank of China once again demonstrated EAST as a global power quality solution supplier and manufacturer of green energy power. At the same time, EAST will continue to rely on a strong R & D strength and industry customer demand, continue to introduce more advanced technology, superior quality, to meet customer needs of brand products.