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National standard 5554 aluminum plate A5554/AL5554/LY12-cz aluminum rod aluminum tube aluminum coil and other specifications for arbitrary cutting

Order hotline: 021-67633986/18916621022 sells homemade / imported high quality aluminum products, 5554 aluminum plates / polished aluminum plates, 5554 aluminum rods / polished aluminum rods, 5554 aluminum tubes, 5554 aluminum rolls, 5554 square aluminum and 5554 angled aluminum, all specifications are complete, and it can be cut to zero, and delivery is accompanied by original quality assurance book, free agent.

discount 70% in 2018-08-20 to 2018-08-22
price: USD$ 22.40
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Thank you for coming to Shanghai Lu Ze metal material Co., Ltd., we will provide you with professional and high quality service throughout the course. In line with the principle of fair sale and real price. Hope to create a harmonious and pleasant shopping environment for everyone!
        A lot of aluminum and magnesium alloys on the market5554Aluminum is a small production processing factory, the lowest price, material impurity, low aluminum aluminum components, after cutting saw widespread inside the small cracks and pores, greatly affected5554
The pressure resistance of aluminum alloy, so the quality can not be guaranteed, I hope you will remember before you buy it: safety first!
                A lot of Online5554
Aluminum photos are all processed by special photos, most of them are false pictures! In order to make sure that you can buy authentic materials in SWAAluminum5554
Aluminum and aluminum rods, decided to use the digital camera self portrait photos, let everyone from different angles to enjoy!
aluminum material
Aluminum plate:Pure aluminum plate,6061Aluminum plate、7075Aluminum plate、7050Aluminum plate, imported aluminum plate and so on.
Aluminum tube: hollow aluminum tube,6061Aluminum tube,6063Aluminum tube,2024Aluminum pipe and so on.
Aluminum rods: solid aluminum rods,6061Aluminum Rod、7075Aluminum rods and so on.

Common problems, buyers must read
1.Do you have any other lengths except the length of your shop?
Answer: some
2.Is it a genuine product?
Answer: it's a genuine product. Shopkeepers solemnly promised: not to sell, counterfeit, fake and inferior products. The goods in this shop can stand the inspection of any authority. If the inspection is a fake, the owner of all costs will bear it.
3.How do you mail it?
Answer: confidential mail, protect the customer's right to privacy, outside the package in addition to your name and address in addition to nothing to write.
4.What express delivery?
Answer: defaults in the area of Dantong, or Yutong, Shen Tong, and non circular area.EMSPlease make a statement in advance for the buyers who are not in the area.
5.I askXXWill it be OK before?
Answer: No, no. This shop does not send express, urgently buyers please go to the store to buy.
6.Can you get there in a few days?
Answer: according to the distance and the distance, the city size is different, the domestic express2-6The day arrives.
7.Why hasn't it arrived yet?
Answer: because it's still on the way.
Please, don't hurry me, I'm in a hurry, too. I can't get the money if you don't get it.
8.Has my goods been delivered?
Answer:16Delivery on the day before the point is taken and paid.16Delivery on the next day after the point is taken and paid. A special case will contact you.
9.How can we not find the information of the waybill?
Answer: the tracking information of the waybill is not real time, and it should lag behind6The tracking is about an hour or so.
It may also be because the owner of the shop is busy and has not been able to enter.
10.Where is my cargo?
Answer: please check it yourself. go--My Taobao--The baby that has been bought--details--Logistics information.
11.I don't like the receipt of the goods. I don't want it. Can I return it?
Answer: No, I can't. As the material is sold after cutting, the non - quality problems will not be refunded.
12.Is there a quality problem on the receipt of the goods, can we return the goods?
Answer: Yes. Please check the goods immediately. Do not sign for the quality if there is any problem.24Within the hour, it will not be accepted.
Because of the particularity of the material, the use of things will not be refunded, do not entangled.
Return is prohibited to use to pay, use to pay, freight buyer bear.
13.Can you buy a direct remittance?
Answer: Yes. Strongly recommended to use the Alipay deal, if the buyer does not apply for the registration of Alipay, or Alipay too trading is not convenient, can be purchased by bank remittance. You must take it before buying and write your name phone address. Inform the owner in time after the remittance. Otherwise, the remittance of a lot of people, the owner can not tell who is who.