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JAC Jianghuai ghalefar sword electronic accelerator pedal pedal accelerator pedal assembly throttle controller 6

Resident Hefei national straight hair

discount 70% in 2018-10-20 to 2018-10-22
price: USD$ 126.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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JAC Jianghuai ghalefar sword electronic accelerator pedal pedal accelerator pedal assembly throttle controller

Purchase instructions:


1, car accessories is a relatively special industry, product model, matching models is absolutely rigorous, please confirm to our staff consultation and photographed before items, to avoid errors for the inconvenience. Pro, take the automobile instrument before, first find a car repairman to confirm whether the instrument belongs to the circuit fault, otherwise the original instrument once sold non quality problems will not be returned. Do not take the lead to lead to the need to return goods, back and forth freight is to be borne by the buyer, specifically declare the sale of goods, once used, will not be returned.


2, special announcement: glass fittings, express transportation damage, we do not bear the loss. Product packaging due to the purchase of different batches may have some different packaging packaging or no packaging or different batches of the product packaging is not the same phenomenon, but we will not resort to deceit! We solemnly promise that quality is our first life. Buyers need to understand the Jianghuai auto parts often have several manufacturers, we choose stable quality for the customer, the good reputation of the parts, but not necessarily is the original car buyers and the same supplier. If the buyer considers just the same and the original car manufacturers logo accessories for authentic accessories please choose carefully, please make the necessary consultation before the shoot, in order to avoid unnecessary disputes. We do not want to use this as the reason for the middle and poor evaluation.


3, the products are not familiar with the buyers can leave a message or contact the owner, the owner of suggestions for reference only, not as a reason to return customer service, in order to allow you to buy the right accessories, the best of your original car accessories to take pictures, and the convenient store image contrast.


4, take the baby, please leave your message to the seller in that position: for example, need a driver or passenger side side, front wheel, rear wheel, engine type, vehicle type and so on related information, which will guarantee the maximum accuracy of your goods, but also made mistakes on the delivery of goods, your rights.


5, the buyer in the receipt of goods, must be the surface of the courier staff to open the parcel inspection of goods, to ensure that the quantity and goods are intact before signing. If you sign the goods and say that the quantity of the goods is not right or damaged, the shop is not responsible for it.


6, some buyers will buy accessories, make some changes, in order to adapt to their own car, then, we will try our best to provide you with detailed and accurate baby size, but can not guarantee that my measure is perfect, the data for reference only, not as a reason to return customer service.


The following conditions do not enjoy the exchange regulations: (1) unauthorized disassembly and maintenance; (2) the damage is caused by such goods as overload clutch plate and tablets burn, electrical burn, water, crushed, cracked etc.. (3) discrepancy in appearance and fineness. Inspection is only allowed on the same day. Because the buyer did not check the receipt for transport and damage or other defects, the store can not provide return service; (4) if you have any questions please directly by phone or want to sellers to reflect, we are also the first time for you to solve.


7, shipping instructions: due to the particularity of auto parts, size, weight and fragility are inconsistent, some need a wooden box, only some of the logistics, so the purchase of more than a baby, please contact customer service freight calculation.



8, express delivery time: this shop every afternoon 4:30 delivery, at 4 pm on the day after the order the next day delivery, if there are special items (such as required from the factory scheduled, special production, color, accessories and so on) and we will discuss the buyer delivery time, we do not guarantee delivery within 48 hours for this kind of goods. Express delivery time is different because of different destination, we can't tell you the exact delivery time of arrival, please according to the specific logistics we provide express order consulting company, if you are very urgently, you can choose the SF express, can be said to be the fastest delivery, because we do not accept the reasons to express in the assessment, if you are in service due to delivery and assessment, we will provide service to customer service.