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7130 surface grinding machine, grinding wheel, ceramic grinding wheel, grinding wheel grinder, grinding wheel, 350*40*127 wheel

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Baby description:

Product Name: cylindrical grinding wheel 7130 grinding wheel

Model: 350 (outer diameter) *40 (thickness) *127 (Kong Jing)

Particle size: 36486080

Packing: a box of 4 pieces(the shop can be customized Gezhongfeibiao wheel ^_^)

Hardness: commonly used grinding wheel hardness is L, that is, soft materials, such as the need for other hardness, purchase remarks or please contact customer service, otherwise we will send the commonly used L class!

1. Zong Gangyu (A): suitable for carbon steel, alloy steel, malleable cast iron, hard bronze, etc.
2. white corundum (WA): suitable for grinding hardened steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, high carbon steel and other gear grinding thread grinding materials.
3. chromium corundum (PA): suitable for cutting tools, measuring tools, instrument thread, tool steel, internal grinding of stainless steel quenching parts, tool grinding, etc.
4. green silicon carbide (GC): suitable for hard alloy, optical glass, ceramics, gemstones, agate and other hard brittle materials.
Shopkeeper tips:Before driving should be carefully checked on the machine, including the operating mechanism, electrical equipment and other magnetic sucker clamp check. After inspection, lubrication, lubrication, test run, to confirm all good, can be used.
Clamping workpiece, clamping card is to pay attention to, in the process of grinding the workpiece loose will cause the workpiece flying away or break the wheel and other serious consequences. At the beginning of the work, the use of manual adjustment, so that the grinding wheel is slower and closer to the workpiece, start the feed is small, not allowed to force too much, to prevent collision grinding wheel. Need for reciprocating motion stop control table, according to the workpiece length, accurate adjustment, the tie.
When changing the grinding wheel, the appearance inspection must be carried out first, if there is any trauma, and then hammer with wooden hammer or wooden stick, which requires the sound to be clear and no crack. Installation of grinding wheel must be according to the required methods and requirements of assembly, static balance after debugging, installation, test run, after all normal, you can use.
The worker should wear the protective glasses in the work, when finishing the grinding wheel, must carry on the balance, prevents the impact. Measuring, adjusting or wiping machine tools should be carried out after shutdown. When using magnetic chuck, wipe the disk and workpiece, close and suck, and add iron to prevent the workpiece shifting or flying when necessary. Attention should be paid to installing the grinding wheel shield or machine tool baffle, and the station should be side by sideFront of high speed rotating grinding wheel.Front face of speed grinding wheel.