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Emerson UL33-0200LUPS uninterruptible power supply 20KVA three three frequency machine easy to install

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price: USD$ 9100.00
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 Emerson UL33 series Product brief:

Emerson  iTrust UL33seriesUPSThe system is connected to the input power supply and load, providing power supply for the load without interference from the grid, stable voltage, stable frequency power supply, after the city power off,UPSThe power supply can be continued for a period of time.UL33seriesUPSThe full digital control technology with high frequency double conversion structure, with output isolation transformer, can provide stable, clean, uninterrupted power supply, and has a complete network management function.

 Product features

Design of overall improvement of system reliability

The fourth generation insulated gate bipolar transistor is adoptedIGBTPower devices and multiple protection technologies

doubleDSPAll digital technology, the whole machine does not need adjustable resistors, strong anti-interference ability, no aging drift problem

The distributed direct parallel technology ensures the on-line capacity expansion and system redundancy

Instantaneous value digital current sharing technology significantly reduces circulating current in combined system(<1A)The unbalance degree of current is less than that of current1%

Excellent EMC design

Using high power devices Yuliang, enhance the ability to adapt to the grid

The industryUPSLightning protection technology, built-inDGrade lightning protection

Excellent input characteristics

Ultra wide input voltage range-45%~+15%), which can be adapted to harsh grid conditions

Wide frequency input range50Hz±10%The generator ensures the power supplyUPSstable operation

Six tubeIGBTHigh frequency rectification technology, without additional external equipment, the input power factor can be reached0.99Above

The application of instantaneous waveform control technology greatly reduces the input current harmonics(iTHD<3%)

Low DC bus ripple to extend battery life

Excellent output characteristics

The inverter adopts high precision vector control technology, the output voltage regulator has high precision, fast dynamic response and low distortion rate

Inverter withUnbalanced load capacity

The inverter has strong overload capability and shock resistance

The output of the Delta/Z0Isolation transformer can effectively suppress the three harmonic distortion of output voltage

Single machine online and stand-aloneECOAnd the Lord/Hardware and software compatibility from hot backup and redundancy, expansion and parallel operation mode

Reliable digital control and distributed intelligent parallel technology

Intelligent battery management

The discharge terminal voltage is automatically regulated according to the discharge curve of the battery to avoid the excessive discharge of the battery caused by the fixed setting

Intelligent charging and discharging battery management based on temperature compensation greatly prolongs battery life50%Above

Regular automatic battery self-test, to ensure that the battery reliable work

Accurate prediction of battery backup time

Automatic battery management to reduce maintenance work

Complete local monitoring management

self-adaptionUPSIt can communicate with each other without any additional equipmentUPSMonitor and mergeUPSsystem information

Single supply8Road output and6Road input relay contact

SupportRS232RS485SNMPMODEMA variety of background communication

Super network management function

The system has the functions of battery discharge warning and automatic safety shutdown

SNMPCard and related software, compatible10M/100MEthernet SupportSNMPHTTPTFTPTELNETTTYPAnd other protocols, the monitoring software has the power event recording and analysis functions, flexible networking solutions can be realized nowInternet/IntranetRemote monitoring

UPSThe system has the function of self diagnosis and self-protection

The network can monitor up to as much as possible6More than 10000 TaiwanUPSWide area network solution

The man-machine interface is friendly, easy to operate and maintain

All Chinese large screen LCD display, Chinese and English optional operating interface

Simple operation,"One button boot"

Support remote, automatic boot, unattended