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UPS uninterruptible power supply EAST EAST EA620H2KV/1200W original genuine external battery

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Telephone number; 18518552120

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EAST EA600N series

Product introduction

The EA600N series is EAST market for computer peripheral equipment, the electrical characteristics of R & D, has the function of energy saving and environmental protection of the sine wave line interactive UPS product (CPU), using microcomputer control technology, on-line voltage regulator, short-circuit protection, inverter frequency automatic adjustment, output overload, battery charging management and monitoring function a variety of LCD+LED display mode, not only can run through an intuitive understanding of the current status of products, but also through the understanding of the operating parameters of the LCD display intuitive products. Intelligent monitoring system can be connected through the RS232/USB computer, real-time monitoring of the UPS system operating parameters, directly control the operation of the UPS, testing, timing boot, shutdown, but also through the SNMP card remote monitoring. This series of products has high stability, high reliability and high practicability. It is an ideal power source for computer and peripheral electronic equipment.

technical parameter

application area

Home PC, SOHO small office environment; small communication switches, servers; SOHO network equipment; commercial POS machine; workstations and peripherals; bank terminals, ATM systems, etc..

Performance characteristics

high reliability

Advanced microcomputerCPUControl technology, faster and more accurate data processing and control, online interactive design, high-speed online voltage stabilization technology, in the normal operation of the system, the system adopts advancedBOOSTCharging system, in time to supplement the battery power, to ensure that the built-in battery energy adequacy, the use of advanced Holzer devices to ensure that the product detection system is more perfect, high speed powerMOSWith microcomputer control technology, further guarantee the reliability and advanced nature of the product.

Pure sine wave technology

This product is advancedSPWMModulation technology to control high speed powerMOS,Using isolated transformer step-up technology, throughLCAfter the filter, the standard sine wave voltage with constant voltage and steady frequency is supplied to the load to reduce the noise interference to the load.

LCD+LEDDisplay mode

IntuitionalLEDFlow and status display
LCDDirectly display the operation parameters of the product
Energy saving and environmental protection mode

This product adopts synchronous voltage stabilizing technology, in the normal working condition, the product loss is very low, the efficiency is up to96%More than ordinaryUPSenergy conservation15%Above。

Ultra wide input range

UPSWith efficient online synchronous voltage stabilization technology, the input from the165-275Vac(customizable)145-275VacSafe operation, greatly reducedUPSThe use frequency of the built-in battery effectively prolongs the service life of the battery.

Automatic frequency selection

WhenUPSThe frequency of access to electricity is50Hzor60HzWhen,UPSWill automatically detect the frequency of electricity, when the city power off,UPSThe output voltage frequency will be the same as the mains frequency50Hzor60Hz

High speed synchronous conversion

The system has the function of automatically tracking the electricity phase, ensuring that the inverter output voltage is completely in line with the mains voltage, effectively reducing the output voltageUPSThe switching time and the peak surge voltage generated during switching can ensure no interference or damage to the electrical equipment.

Humanized alarm system

UPSAt the early stage of the battery power, it will send out 5second1Next tweet alarm, about40Automatically silence after 2 seconds, no longer interfere with the working environment;

When the battery is about to run out,UPSAgain start the rapid tweet alarm, frequency is0.2second1Second, remind the staff, the battery runs out,UPSShutdown soon;

When the battery runs out,UPSAutomatically shut down, protect the battery.

Unattended and intelligent monitoring

This product has the function of automatic switch machine, adapt to the unmanned monitoring place and remote monitoring area, when the growth time is power off, this product can also passRS232Serial port orUSBWith the mouthPCCommunication, real-time monitoring, testing and timing shutdown, boot, but also throughSNMPNetwork system remote monitoring, testing, timing shutdown, boot operation.
Intelligent no load automatic shutdown Technology (option)

WhenUPSWhen the power is on (turn on the backboard switch),UPSIt will automatically boot without any operation, and will charge the battery at the same time;

When the device is in shutdown, the system will automatically detect the load when the power is cut off, if the load is less than that of the system5% time,UPSWill be judged as;
No-load state,1Automatically shut down after 15 minutes, reduce the loss, effectively extend the service life of the battery;

On-lineUPSProtection function

City electricity overload: City electricity time,UPSLoad excess110%Time alarm,60After bypass, the power supply is automatically restored to normal after load reduction; the inverter is over loaded normally and the load exceeds the normal load110%When the alarm, in60The system will be powered normally when the load is reduced to the rated range within seconds, and the system will automatically shut down after the timeoutAutomatic restoration of city electricity recovery.

Inverter abnormal overload: load over125%When the alarm, in5It will automatically turn off after 2 seconds, and the power recovery will automatically open.

Short circuit protection: in the inverter state, if the output instantaneous impact, short circuit,The device will limit current output,If exceeded10ms,The system shuts off automatically.

Battery detection

The product can be matched with the background monitoring software to detect the battery status regularlyUPSBattery and wiring open or battery fault,UPSThe battery fault information will be detected through the serial port Notify user. Simultaneous,UPSSelf protection, turn off the charging system, and cut to bypass power supply mode.