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Dual purpose swimming ring 220V home AC electric vehicle, air charging pump, double cylinder car inflating

220V household metal pump, copper 220V motor, with 3 meters long PU pipe, gas nozzle set, can be applied to vehicles, motorcycles, electric cars, domestic cars such as bicycle tire inflation, basketball, football, and air bubble column, swimming ring, inflatable children's toys and other small objects, but painting, blowing dust, swimming pool, large vehicles (trucks, tractors, etc.) and other special use charging, please contact customer service consulting if applicable

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First, product characteristics:

1 、 working voltage: AC220V-240V.
2, air flow 35L/ minutes, suitable for automobile tires and ball games, gas bed, etc..
3. It has the advantages of high speed, simple operation and convenient use.
4, shock absorption foot, more stable use.
5, with high quality air mouth, children's toys, ball games, gas bed, etc. can also be inflated.

Two, the use of methods:

1, the rubber hose top valve directly screwed on the tire valve, hear tire deflated sound, that the air has been circulating, tighten the inflatable gas nozzle.
2, remove the power line plug, plug directly into the home 220V socket can electrify.
3, open the air pump power switch, the air pump began to inflate;
4, inflatable, instrument pointer began to rise with the pressure, when the pointer reached the appropriate tire pressure (general car tire pressure is 30-40PSI, about 2.5 kilograms of air pressure), turn off the inflator switch, take out the plug and gas nozzle.
5, please use the machine equipped with professional ball needle, mouth connected with the air mouth, for ball games, and other gas equipment inflatable.

Three, matters needing attention:

1, before use, please check the safety status of power line and the pump, do not get wet for.
2. This machine is limited to AC 220V power supply. No DC power supply can be used.
3, when inflated, please rest at work for 15 minutes after cooling, can prolong the life of the motor; the inflatable rubber boats, can work for 30 minutes.
4. If the instrument pointer rises rapidly, it means that the air is not filled into the tire, and the gas nozzle is blocked. The switch must be closed immediately and operated again. Otherwise, the instrument and motor will be damaged.
5, in the balloon, gas bed and other small pressure supplies inflated, may not see the rise of the pointer pointer, is a normal phenomenon.
6, when using, the person should not leave the body, pay attention to the tire pressure at any time, not too saturated.
7, the use of this product in the cylinder and the trachea will have a fever phenomenon, which is the general characteristics of all pumps, please understand!
8, the machine should avoid wet, heavy throw and sand mud invasion, to avoid children playing, so as not to be damaged.
9, after the product is damaged, please do not arbitrarily maintenance, please contact customer service and maintenance in the purchase.

Four, accessories

The main engine of the air pump is a black bag, a 3 meter extension tube, a multifunctional gas nozzle and 4 valve core spanners 1

Five, product warranty for three years, lifetime maintenance, the warranty period can find us


Domestic double cylinder:

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