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On behalf of a set of four cotton satin embroidery jacquard cotton bedding set wholesale four excellent Cathy

discount 70% in 2018-09-23 to 2018-09-25
price: USD$ 160.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Factory advantage:

1, we are manufacturers, there is a huge price advantage, no intermediate process, as much as possible to profit space to our customers

2, under the line of traditional business hot, adequate stock, reliable and safe quality

3, we give each old customer arrange a customer service commissioner, any need to help them can contact them, we not only provide you with quality products, and the responsibility to help you sell the product


Product characteristics:

1: full active printing and dyeing, healthy and environmental protection, no fading, no pilling.

2: using cotton high count and High Density Jacquard, breathable comfortable, durable.

3: rich colors, smooth tactility, luster, light and thin.


Four piece set (standard number): quilt cover: 200*230cm*1 sheet: 250*250cm*1 pillowcase: 48*75cm*2

Four piece (large): quilt cover: 220*240cm*1 sheet: 250*270cm*1 pillowcase: 48*75cm*2



Telephone number: 0513-86325215

Before 2010, Fang Fang's home textiles might not be known by many people. But suddenly, rice square home textile seems to have completed the gorgeous transfiguration, and now is a handle, the United States, the United States and other electronic business platform, one of the hot home textile brand.


Home textile is China's traditional industry, a brand new home textile brand, in order to stand in the industry needs courage and courage. However, in the tide of e-commerce, rice square home textile timely. Relying on Jingdong, Alibaba, NetEase network and other mainstream electronic business platform, rice square home textile seems to have found a magic weapon to win - take the "low price" business road.

"Light home textile": Based on the electricity supplier, let users

Consumers often know that, for similar home textile products, the price of shopping malls and net sales prices are often several times worse. But at the same time in the high price sales of shopping malls, many businesses are complaining: sell high, but there is no high profit. This is because the goods from the factory to the consumer in front of the experience of too many procedures, one ring down the price of natural "rise", while the profits are gradually shrinking.

Compared with other traditional square meters home brand, is a "light textile", not a big factory cost, no high line channel fee, this let m square textile can be "traveling light", directly to the most favorable price user feedback. At the same time, from the purchase of materials to the production and processing, rice square home textiles have achieved scientific calculation and checks, these are good control of production costs.

And the most cost saving is undoubtedly the operation of the electronic business platform, compared with the offline stores staggering admission fees, rental and other traditional channel costs, electricity providers spending is relatively small. These basic "throttle" measures are to make rice square home textile can be at a relatively low price to market, plus rice square quality control system, let rice square home textile reputation growing.

"Fast home textile": faster development, faster delivery

"Unique, fashionable and tasteful" is one of the slogan of rice square home textiles. To this end, rice square home textile has been in pursuit of two "fast": the fastest development, fastest delivery.

In order to allow users to receive faster rice products, Fang Fang home textile has set up storage centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and with Jingdong, fun home network and other B2C mall sales, to ensure that users receive the product in the shortest possible time. It is reported that, in addition to the above 3 operations and storage centers, rice square textile will soon set up more storage centers in Guangzhou, Beijing and other places, "the next day arrival" is no longer a dream for many meter users. Believe that in the future, the square home textile will truly become "China's fastest delivery of home textiles."".

Although the establishment time is not long, the development speed of rice square home textile is not slow at all. Rice square home textile is not blindly seeking fast, in the rapid development at the same time also pay attention to innovation, continue to develop more humane, more innovative products. For example, the "love duvet" and "four cotton sets", which are popular in the Chinese Winter Wedding Expo in 2011, are all popular products of rice square home textiles. The continuous enrichment of these characteristic products also makes the brand image of rice square home textile more affinity and imagination.

Of course, compared with the Carolina, fuanna and other textile "Predators", now is the home square meters just out of the "baby baby". But it is this under age baby has shown a strong vitality, there is no mature traditional brand of home textiles many concerns, rice Fang textile abandoned more "burden"". The person in charge of the brand said that only "light" can fly higher, and only "fast" can run farther.