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The vehicle logo bright chrome grille chrome plating rust remover cleaning rust removal wheel sign brightener

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
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Attention: not market injury, all brightener is the same, all can do not hurt the original plating, please understand



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Window stainless steel bright black, rusty situation, please come back later, this is only cleaning chrome plating parts! 








PS: the reason why the low-end car chrome do effect, because of the low-end car chrome plating, either coating thickness or quality, as we must play the car, so the powerful light shield logo chrome cleaner ", will be in your expectations!

Please note that! Be careful!! Be careful!!! Not available on stainless steel window bright strip!!


Light shield logo chrome cleaner liquid from Taiwan, with a new generation of security formula, does not contain any grinding ingredients, rich in import polymer protective factor, perfectly clean and closed door chrome passivation, nondestructive surface layer; simple operation, time saving and high efficiency, no stimulation, no side effects, not toCar paint, plastics andOther body accessories cause two damage! (except for high borosilicate glass, not sprayed on glass for safety)














See how someone gives bad reviews!



This product can also be seen for home appliance cleaning chrome renovation treatment, such as

Offers chrome faucet, mixing valve, shower, bathroom racks and so on. It offers

Seen distinguish is chrome plated or stainless steel,This product is only used for plating

Derusting of chrome parts!━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┛


Use instructions:

1, the construction site has good ventilation, water supply is convenient and sufficient, please use a small area before use.

2, the goods will be evenly sprayed to the need to clean up the site, waiting for 5-15 seconds for the full contact of the device surface liquid, and then using a soft bristle brush to wash the surface of the oxide from the chrome plating, a serious cleaning is not complete, can be washed with water dirt, repeat the above operation, clean up, rinse with water dry.

Matters needing attention:

1, prohibit spraying to the window glass, if accidentally spray, immediately flush with water; after cleaning the rust, should promptly flush chrome plating parts and body, and dry.

2. Place where children should not be exposed to, stored in a cool and ventilated place.

3, inadvertently into the eyes, rinse with water.

4, swallow, please use plenty of water to vomit and timely medical treatment.

5. This product is only used for chrome plating and aluminum alloy surface rust removal. Please don't use it for other purposes.

6, the detergent does not work on stainless steel material (such as the window of a bright strip), such as stainless steel rust removal, please consult customer service!

Chrome plating is non oxidation, but corrosion, it can not be repaired!




Now buy a bottle of standard chrome plating brightener, a pair of small brush bristles, send 1 25X25 microfiber towel 1, hand gloves!


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