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EAST EAST/ battery NP7-12UPS battery 12V7AH battery special emergency light spot

EAST EAST/ battery NP7-12UPS battery 12V7AH battery special emergency light spot

discount 70% in 2018-10-17 to 2018-10-19
price: USD$ 76.30
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Tips: the price of the battery is only a single battery, charger without price, need Pro charger can contact customer service to send a link to you
[model] 12V7AH battery
[size] length 150mm* width 65mm* high 95mm
 Purpose: security access control standby power supply, emergency power, emergency lights, fire power, alarm host power supply, access control power LED lighting etc.;Notice the battery is not a motorcycle battery, can not be used on motorcycle!

 Use: the battery factory is full of electricity, can receive the float1-2Hours with better results.


Charge: according to the remaining battery charge can be used in the short time, charging time is short, with a long time remaining power is relatively less, the charging time is longer, the charging time is a relatively vague concept, according to the charger indicator change as a reference.


Battery maintenance: be careful not to over charge and discharge, the battery is not a long time, should be fully charged deposit placement, general store2-Once a month, can prolong the battery life.


Note: don't charge the wrong polarity, red terminal positive and negative black, easy to burn the wrong charger


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 Please check the goods before the buyer received the baby well.The number of re sign!Do not use packaging intact to determine.If the courier does not give you the first inspection, you can first sign, and when express face to see if there is no clear goods, damaged or missing! If damaged or missing in transit, please let the courier to you signed off and let him return, then please contact us as soon as possible. As a result of buyers sign without checking and shipping damage or other problems, I am afraid we can not provide return service. (such as extrusion deformation, broken, scratches, missing parts and so on)    


You may want to know

1) the battery is hot, high temperature will affect battery?

   Answer: in general, in the process of charge and discharge, due to the current large, battery internal resistance, the battery will generate heat, the temperature increased. However, when the battery charging current is too large, the space is too small will make the battery charge current and battery temperature enhancement occurred a cumulative, and damage the battery, causing thermal runaway, so don't charge the battery over, otherwise will be affected

2The standby power supply) choice?

   Answer: before you choose the same and battery type battery, we are standard size, you can use the same model. If you want to replace the larger size of the battery, as long as the battery size requirements can be placed without position.

3Battery) not charge?

   Answer: the battery is a new product. If the high charging (charging), is recommended to use the multimeter to test whether the normal voltage, if the voltage is too low, it is expressed as a battery that is placed, the need of professionals with high pressure gun can be activated; if the original rated voltage, said battery is normal, may affect the charging device or other equipment the reason.