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Customized outdoor signboard billboard single aluminum plate plate punching head shape perforated aluminum curtain wall China high selling

L, light weight, good rigidity, high strength and reasonable structure. Anti wind pressure deformation performance, rainwater leakage and air leakage, the seismic performance can meet the structure design requirements; 2, good processing performance. It can be processed into various complex shapes, such as plane, arc surface and sphere, which can completely satisfy various design requirements. 3, the color selection scope is wide and the decoration effect is good, which is very easy to meet the designer's color requirements.

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[material]: aluminum alloy

[surface treatment]: powder spraying, polyester oil spray, fluorocarbon paint spray, vacuum wood grain transfer, heat transfer wood grain, marble grain and so on.

All specifications and models are availableProcessing according to the guest's requestIf necessary, please consult customer service or call the manufacturer to communicate after communication.


1Simple structure of aluminum sheet

1) general selection of aluminum sheet thickness for outdoor use2.5mm3mmThe lower part of stone; and can choose2.0mmThickness, wall and ceiling can be used in the thinnest1.0mmor1.5mm

2) surface coating: fluorocarbon coatings are generally used for outdoor materials, and polyester coatings and powder coatings can be selected for indoor materials.

3) the main selection of aluminum sheet1100A series or a3003A series of Aluminum Alloy plate after bending, welding, and the back groove rib, around the corner consisting of riveting.

The size of the aluminum sheet can be selected by the customer at any length, and the width is generally not more than that of the plate.1800mm

2The main properties of aluminum sheet

1) the color is wide and the color is beautiful, and it can be chosen at any time.

2It is easy to clean, easy to maintain and meet the requirements of environmental protection.

3) compared with ceramic tile, glass and other materials, aluminum plate has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good rigidity, easy processing etc..

4) good processing performance, easy to cut, welding, bending, can be made and easy to install the site, this is the other decorative materials can not be compared.

5The sound insulation and shock absorption performance is good, and it can pierce holes on the aluminum veneer, and can also add sound absorbing cotton and rock wool and other sound insulation materials. It has good flame retardancy and produces non-toxic smoke when fire occurs.

6Acid and alkaline energy is good. At present, fluorocarbon coatings are the most excellent coatings for outdoor use.

7) the surface coating has excellent weatherability and UV resistance because of the choice of fluorocarbon coating. The color and luster are long and corrosion-resistant.-50-80Under the bad condition of C, it is used.

Aluminum sheet structure diagram

The logistics of the company is a logistics company that specializes in transporting aluminum materials in the line to ensure the good delivery of the products. After the loading of the product, the product will be insured by the insurance company immediately. During the whole course of delivery, the risk is borne by the logistics company and the insurance company. Never allow customers to undertake logistics risks.