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SAGTARUPS uninterruptible power supply C6KS6000VA/4800W online external battery host 192V

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Model: C6KS

Power: 4.8KW

Castle series C6K (S) ~3C20KS parallel redundancy using double conversion pure online architecture, is the most effective solution to all power problems of the best architecture design. The architecture can effectively block the impact of abnormal power on the load, but also ensure the stability of the output power, reliable, so that the safe operation of the load. Digital control technology is used to realize the function of parallel expansion and parallel redundancy, which provides users with flexibility and security guarantee for power supply planning.

1. high reliability parallel expansion technology allows you to plan more flexible power supply

In the past, you have planned large capacity UPS devices in the early days because of the expansion of the equipment in the future, which is a great waste. Now, as long as you consider your actual power requirements, it's possible to plan a proper UPS. If the future expansion of the need for power equipment for the corresponding expansion, only need to buy the expansion part of the UPS, it will be parallel to the original power system can be increased, the flexibility of planning, and greatly reduce the waste of investment.


2.N+1 parallel redundancy planning provides you with the most reliable power solutions

N+1 parallel redundancy means that there is one more UPS at any time to provide protection for your important equipment. Planning of power system, increase the capacity than the rated one, so that when the system in any UPS failure, can because of the additional one UPS, so that the power system can uninterrupted important equipment you provide high quality power, which makes the system more reliable. At the same time, the advanced flow technology makes parallel operation under each UPS the average share of the load current, improve the system reliability, but also prolong the service life of the UPS.

For example: the computer load is 20KVA, you can use 3 UPS to achieve parallel redundancy, if one of the UPS needs to be removed or shut down to dismantle. The other two UPS will immediately support all the loads. Therefore, no matter what a UPS failure, because you will be properly parallel redundant planning, the expensive equipment get a high-quality uninterrupted power supply.

The design of 3. small, save land for your office space

Due to the application of advanced control technology, greatly improves the power density, the new C6K (S) ~3C20KS parallel redundant UPS is the volume of online UPS in the same capacity minimum. In today's land office space, save valuable space for you.
4. the design of online maintenance, even if the maintenance does not need power off

As long as the UPS to the maintenance mode, online maintenance safety you can load in a continuous supply condition; if you do N+1 redundancy parallel programming, even at the time of repair, power interruption, high-quality power supply equipment you can get valuable uninterrupted.

5. close function design, make you more convenient to use

DC startup function allows you to use UPS without power supply. The function of the timing switch eliminates the loss caused by forgetting to use the UPS. Remote monitoring function to achieve the goal of unmanned. Powerful charging function, not only convenient for you to extend the standby time, intelligent charging way to make the battery life can be extended, save money. Auto restart function, so you don't have to boot UPS automatically after UPS standby shutdown. There are many other intimate designs to bring more convenience to your work.

6. excellent technical indicators, so that you use more reassuring

All along, the American Santak products are followed by the most stringent international design specifications, allowing you to enjoy the highest quality product performance.
Nearly 1 of the input power, greatly reducing the pollution of the city power grid, improve the utilization of power grid, is the real green power supply.
Ultra wide input voltage range, in all kinds of harsh power environment, for your valuable equipment to provide the most perfect protection.
Close to 90% of the full load efficiency, effective for you to save electricity costs.
Strong anti-interference ability, meet the IEC61000-4 requirements for anti electromagnetic interference, can eliminate noise, high voltage, surge power effectively, give your equipment to provide a clean environment for power.
Other excellent technical indicators allow you to enjoy high quality at an affordable price.

7. intelligent power supply monitoring and management software WinPower2003

Supporting the MicrosoftWindows95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/Linux operating system. Suitable for TCP/IP network, support TCP/IP UPS network monitoring provides a hierarchical directory structure; management network UPS; abnormal event occurs through radio, email, pager and mobile phone text messages to inform the user; automatic detection of UPS type and communication port; provide the password protection function; support timing on / off UPS support UPS timing function; self testing function; support graphics real-time display UPS function; support network close multiple servers and workstations; to support the SmartEvent function, the user receives the abnormal information according to their own definition of power demand way; most applications support closing and preservation of the relevant documents; Jane, Chinese support / traditional multi language and English platform; support online help function. With data recording (including city power, UPS, load, battery) and event log function, it is convenient for the system administrator to maintain the UPS routine.

8. complete monitoring and communication function

It provides RS-232, intelligent socket (IntelligentSlot) and other monitoring communication interface. Users can choose the Santak AS400 card, to provide IBMAS400 standard communication signal, to make RemoteDisplay, including sound alarm and light display and other monitoring functions. Or buy the Santak WebPower smart card, through the Internet Internet for global management, or through the SNMP network management, centralized monitoring and remote monitoring functions.


High frequency online series built-in external battery charger, users can configure different capacity batteries according to their own needs.

Advanced design of overload and short circuit protection, durable and reliable.

Built in network control interface, can be equipped with stand-alone or network version of 3CNDONUPS automatic save software

Electronic control circuit adopts micro processor to further improve the reliability and stability of UPS machine.








Rated capacity




Input wiring

Single phase two wire + ground wire

Voltage range


frequency range

46~64Hz  50/60HZself-adaption

Input power factor



Voltage range


frequency range

Electricity mode:(46~54) Hz/ (56~64) Hz (synchronous with the input electric frequency);

Battery mode:(50×(±0.1%)Hz / 60(±0.1%)Hz

Peak current ratio


Rated power factor


Overload capacity

Load< 105%,Long term operation; 105%< span>≤125% >1min; 125%< span>≤150% >30sec


up to 90%

Battery voltage

16 pcs×12VDC*2

Outline size(mm)





Weight (KG)






UPSThe use of

1)Normal boot sequence

There is a shock current due to the general load at the starting instant,andUPSThe internal power components have a safe working area,Although we have a certain margin when choosing devices,However, excessive impact current will shorten the service life of components, and even cause damage to components. therefore,In use, the damage caused by impulse current should be minimized.

Boot sequence:First send the electricity to the cityUPSUPSSwitch on and make it in working state. Load the load one by one,Load with large impulse current first,Load with small impulse current.Never load all the loads at the same time,Also can not be loaded with the boot.

2)Shutdown order

The shutdown sequence is as follows: first closes the load one by one, and then the nextUPSPanel shutdown,sendUPSThe charger continues to charge the battery pack when it is in bypass. if necessaryUPSNo output, will beUPSShut down completely,Then you can disconnect the input power.

UseUPSWhat are the matters needing attention?
1UPSThe use of the environment should pay attention to good ventilation, conducive to heat dissipation, and keep the environment clean.
2Do not bring inductive load, such as currency counter, fluorescent lamp, air conditioner, etc., so as to avoid damage.
3UPSThe output load control in the60%Right and left are the best, and the reliability is the highest.
4UPSCarrying too light (for example)1000VATheUPSbelt100VALoad may cause deep discharge of the battery, will reduce the service life of the battery, should be avoided as much as possible.
5Proper discharge will be helpful to the activation of the battery, such as long time no power supply, and the power consumption should be cut off every three monthsUPSWith a load discharge once, this can extend the service life of the battery.
6For most smallUPSGo to work againUPSWhen starting, avoid starting with load and turn off at workUPSFor the network roomUPSBecause most networks are24Hours work, soUPSIt has to run all weather.
7UPSAfter discharging, the battery should be charged in time so as to avoid the damage of the battery due to excessive self discharge.