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SAGTARUPS uninterruptible power supply C1KS1000VA/800W external battery host 36V

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Model: C1KS

Power: 800W

Mainland manufacturers: Shenzhen foreshore power supply Co., Ltd.

Sine Wave Output

Both the power supply mode and battery mode can output low distortion sine wave power supply, which provides the best power supply for the user's load equipment.

Zero conversion time

When power cut or complex, UPS switches between power mode and battery mode is no conversion time, effectively guarantee the reliability of load operation.

Input zero line detection function

The C1~3K (S) machine has the function of zero line reverse detection in order to avoid the UPS electric input zero fire line reverse connection.

Bypass output humanization

In order to avoid the user to make the UPS work on the BYPASSMODE does not start using, resulting in power outages, UPS and equipment are abnormal shutdown. C1~3K (S) input normal power, default bypass output. The inverter must be turned on to produce the normal inverter output. But it can be changed through the WinPower software on the site to be configured as "listed electric bypass output"".

TVSS function

That is, TRANSIENTVOLTAGESURGESUPPRESS surge voltage protection function. For FAX, TELEPHONE, MODEM, network conversion protection function.

Input power factor correction

Castle series UPS has the input power correction function, in full load case, the input power factor can reach more than 0.95, so that the user's power grid environment will not be contaminated.

DC start

In the city power outage, if you need to use UPS to start the computer or other load equipment, castle series UPS can be directly switched on by the battery DC, so that the use of UPS more convenient and reliable.

Bypass protection

The bypass power supply function greatly strengthens the emergency handling capacity of UPS, and at the same time, when the user's load equipment has special requirements for the power supply, such as the voltage can not be too high, the castle series UPS provides bypass power supply over-voltage protection, so that the user's load equipment is free from high voltage danger.

Auto start function

When the city electricity is abnormal, the battery mode power supply until the cut-off, UPS will shut down, when the city power back to normal, the castle series UPS will automatically start the boot, normal power supply, without the user one boot.

Long term power supply design

Castle series UPS provides long lasting machines for users to choose. A suitable battery pack can be used for about 8 hours, so as to meet the requirements of different power grid environment.

Long lasting machine powerful charging capacity

Castle series UPS long acting machine in addition to the discharge time is prolonged, the battery recharge ability is also very strong, can provide about 7 ~ 8A of the initial charging current.

Self check function

Castle series UPS can simulate the power off, enter the battery mode power supply, this function can either through the panel on the self-test button at any time to implement, also can cooperate with the Santak monitoring software, according to the regular or irregular way.

Strong anti-interference

According to the electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference, in line with international standards EN500912 castle series UPS and IEC61000-4 series of standard design, effectively improve the safety and reliability of using UPS.

It can be used with generators

The wide range of input voltage and frequency enables the castle series to be used in conjunction with the major brand generators, with longer use time, and effective removal of the undesirable power generated by the generator, providing a clean, safe and stable power supply for the load.

Connect inductive load

Castle series UPS can connect inductive load (pf=0.8).

Website free download WinPower monitoring software

In order to make the management of UPS more convenient and effective, the WinPower network version monitoring software can be downloaded on the website free of charge, and intelligent management can be realized.

Equipped with IntelligentSlot smart slot

Castle series UPS is equipped with a IntelligentSlot smart slot, users can choose AS400 card to provide IBMAS400 standard communication signal, the user uses the AS400 interface to make RemoteDisplay, including sound alarm and light display. Or buy WinPowerCMC card (centralized monitoring card), with the monitoring software to achieve a computer, while monitoring the local multi line UPS running state function. You can also choose WebPower smart monitoring card, through the Internet Internet for global management, or through SNMP network management, centralized monitoring and remote monitoring and other functions.

technical parameter

Model * C1K(S) C2K(S) C3K(S)
phase Single phase grounding
capacity 1000VA/800 W 2000VA/1600 W 3000VA/2400 W
Voltage range Low voltage switching 160VAC / 140VAC / 120VAC / 110VAC ± 5%
(based on load range 100%-80%/80%-70%/70%-60%/60%-0%)
Low voltage recovery 168VAC / 148VAC / 128VAC / 118VAC ± 5%
(based on load range 100%-80%/80%-70%/70%-60%/60%-0%)
High voltage switching 300VAC + 5% or 150VAC + 5%
High voltage recovery 290VAC + 5% or 145VAC + 5%
frequency range 40Hz ~ 70 Hz
power factor More than or equal to the rated voltage of 0.99@ (100% load)
output voltage 200/208/220/230/240VAC
Voltage range (battery mode) ± 1%
Frequency range (synchronous correction range) 47~53Hz or 57~63Hz
Frequency range (battery mode) 50Hz + 0.2Hz or 60Hz + 0.2Hz
Surge ratio 3:1
Conversion time Bypass to inverter 0 ms
Invert to bypass 4ms (general)
Waveform (battery mode) Pure sine wave
Electricity mode 85% 87%
Battery mode 83% 85%
Standard machine Battery type 12V/7AH 12V/7AH 12V/9AH
Number 2 6 8
Standard charging time 4 hours charge to 90%
Maximum charging current 1.0A
Charging voltage 41.0 VDC ± 1% 82.1 VDC ± 1%
Long acting machine Battery type Depends on the applicant
Maximum charging current 1.0A / 2.0 / 4.0A /6.0A
Charging voltage 41.0 VDC ± 1% 82.1 VDC ± 1% 109.4 VDC ± 1% 82.1 VDC ± 1% 109.4 VDC ± 1%
Display specification
LCD or LED display Load size, battery capacity, power mode, battery mode, bypass mode, fault indication
warning sound
Battery mode It sounds every 4 seconds
Low battery One second per second
overload One second per second
error Continuous ringing
physical property
Standard model Size, depth x, width x high (mm) 282x145x220 397x145x220                                             421x190x318
Net weight (kgs) 9.8 17 27.6
Long-acting model Size, depth x, width x high (mm) 282x145x220 397x145x220
Net weight (kgs) 4.1 6.8 7.4
Using environment
humidity 20-90%RH@0-40 degree C (without condensation)
noise Less than 45Dba@1Meter
Control management
SmartRS-232/ optional USB Support Windows2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008, Windows7/8, Linux, Unix, andMAC
Optional SNMP Power management supports SNMP management and network management