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Supply water softener salt industrial salt ion exchange resin regeneration agent 10KG/ soft water equipment

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Soft water salt
Our sales Yi Yan card softening salt from Jiangxi softening salt producing areas, using deep well rock salt refiningcomposition, product purity as high as 99.6%, achieve food grade standards, is one of the internationally recognized quality of salt wells deep salt rock softening ore.
This product is specially processed and pressed, the color white and delicate, full particles can efficiently remove calcium and magnesium ions and other impurities, is 6 times the ordinary salt water softener.
In order to make salt softening products to maintain water quality, better maintenance of water softener equipment please more clear and more safe use of high quality and high purity long.
Working principle
High water purifier all the ion exchange resin, usually sodium sulfonate ion exchange resin. Raw water to be treated by resin, can be harmful impurities in the water ions (mainly calcium Ca, magnesium Mg ions) adsorbed on the resin, achieve the purpose of purifying water quality. As the water content increases, more and more impurities adsorption, the adsorption capacity of the resin will be gradually reduced, and to remove the impurities adsorbed by resin (mainly calcium Ca, magnesium Mg ion), you need to use sodium ions (Na), through the backwash of the method, and the impurity ions through ion exchange resin adsorption the (mainly calcium Ca, magnesium Mg ion), replace it, thus restoring the adsorption capacity of ion exchange resin, this process is also called ion exchange resin regeneration.
Sodium chloride is greater than or equal to 99.50%
Water / (g/100g) = 1
Water insoluble / (g/100g) = 2
Packing content: 10Kg
Benefits of soft water:
1. boiling water will not scale, electric thermos bottle can be assured;
2. made of ice, crystal clear, no smell;
3. soft water bath, the skin smooth and delicate;
4. showerhead never blocked, high gloss bathroom yongbao;
5. soft washed clothes, farewell softener, soft and fluffy;
6. independent heating scale, high thermal efficiency, and safe;
7. life with soft water, save a lot of washing supplies, save time to do housework.

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