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Make a gift package of materials, graduation gifts, mail free cutting notebook notebook, non woven cloth DIY manual system

discount 60% in 2018-06-21 to 2018-06-23
price: USD$ 55.20
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Baby name
Happy start notebook
Baby brand
Di gull
Degree of Difficulty
Main material
Nonwoven fabric
Need personal sewing
0 (easy) - 1 (difficult)
This material contains
Drawings cover, wiring pin, leather rope, nail, binding clip, A7 book inside page (size 8.5*13cm80 Zhang)
This is a super practical manual cloth notebook! The outer skin of the book is made of free cutting non-woven fabric. The theme color of the green system gives people a comfortable and cool feeling, and it sews the cute little animals on the front! The two clouds on the back are simple and generous. The main body of the notebook is a thick non-woven fabric, very thick and durable! Open the notebook, there is a thick paper, each sheet can be removed well, write about feelings, remember to take notes to the skin oh ~ long leather rope, can be fixed on the notebook, put in the bag is very convenient oh



Kavai notebook

Material package contains:Drawing, wiring pin, magnetic suction button, binding clip, inside page A6 (8.5x13.2cm), foot fixing nail

Folded cat notebook

Material: nail, leather bag containing rope, binder, book page A6 (8.5x13.2cm


Pumpkin cart notebook diary 

Material package contains:Cover drawings, wiring pins,Sticky button, imitation pearl, binding clamp, nail,A7 inside pages (size 8.5*13cm80 sheets)


The captain's notebook

Material package contains:Drawings, covers, cloths, threads, pins, staples, magnetic buttons, binding clips, inner pages (8.5x13.2cm)

A nifty notebook; a diary

The package includes: drawing materials cover, wiring needle, leather rope, nailBinding folder, inner page of A7 book (size 8.5*13cm80 Zhang)


Autumn leaves notebook A7 book 

Material package contains:Drawings, covers, wiring pins, leather ropes,Nails, binding clips, inner pages of A7 books (size 8.5*13cm80 sheets)



Cherry snow notebook

Qicaiyun lattice notebook


Corner bio notebook

Material package contains:Drawings, covers, routing pins, staples, magnetic buttons, binding clips, pages inside the book (8.5x13.2cm)



Sunshine Journal


Material package contains:Drawings, covers, routing pins, staples, binding clips, inside pages (102*148mm), magnetic buttons


Hover notebook



A picture of a car

Pink car diary


Most areas are mailed

Remote areas, Qinghai, Guizhou, Ningxia, Gansu, Yunnan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Hainan, reducing 8 yuan freight

Need to contact customer service personnel to modify the freightHongkong, Macao and Taiwan are not available overseas


The main body of the cloth is cobalt green because of the different batch purchased by the manufacturerSlightly chromatic aberration, please forgive me