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Shipping cupping B 12 tank gun tank Kang Zhu household cupping really negative pressure air tank through meridian cupping

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O (a _ impulse u O~),Give the silica gel a cup of cupping Kang Zhu B12 tank, packaging specification list behind:

1, cupping device 12 (including a joint jar)

2, the needle 6 3 red blue 3 (needle can be used interchangeably or not desirable)

3, vacuum gun 1 branches

4, connecting pipe 1 root

5, instructions 1

Beijing Kang Zhu cupping, 1995 national patent, absorbing the advantages of the traditional tank, the use of high-tech means to overcome the shortcomings of the traditional cupping, cupping Chinese old and young. The main characteristics of Beijing Kang Zhu cupping is a transparent tank, the tank pressure can be adjusted according to the patient's physical condition and disease, easy to observe the changes of skin in the tank, in order to control the cupping time, cupping, compared to the traditional sense of the consistent effect, but the use of more, no burns of the good, the operation is simple, easily broken, suitable for hospitals and families. The product is made of high polymer plastic transparent material

Catheter length 85CM

Needle: 8 (4 red! 4 blue!
Packing size (mm): 640*430*540 set weight 0.64KG
Box weight (kg): 20.6KG

Kang Zhu cupping characteristics:

1. new material, not easy to break, beautiful, easy to carry;

2. no fire, electricity, no burning, burning worries;

3. vacuum gun can be used to adjust negative pressure value;

4. using connectors to achieve single operation;

5. any part of the body can be used;

  6. operable tank sitting method, flash cupping method and other methods.

The pigment of cupping printing is reflected as follows:

1, the tank is printed black and dark: general said the insufficiency, the poor blood stasis phenomenon.
2, cans issued purple and accompanied by plaques: generally refers to cold coagulation silt.
3, tank seal was scattered in the purple spot, and a depth, said stagnation and blood stasis syndrome.
4, cans printed bright red and gorgeous: generally refers to yin deficiency, Qi and blood two empty or Yin Fire Huo wang.
5, cans printed red and dark: high blood fat, and there are heat evil.
6, cans printed gray, touch and not warm, mostly cold or dampness.
7, tank seal surface or skin itching: wind or eczema.
8. Water vapor on the inner wall of the tank: moisture in the part.
9, tank seal blisters, indicating the body moisture, if there is blood blisters, dampness heat toxin reaction.


1 use the alcohol before using the tank to sterilize the tank.

2 cupping to choose the appropriate posture and muscle fullness, skin smooth, no hair parts; according to different specifications of the cupping site, select the tank; if they really need to face in the rough location and cupping ring pad and hair parts available in the tank below the mouth, to prevent leakage or selection of special-shaped cans. If the skin is dry, you can first wet the skin and then cupping.  

When the 3 cans are pulled out, don't move the body position. When using multi tank therapy, a certain distance should be kept between the tank and the tank.  

After the 4 pull on the tank, to ask the patient how you feel, if you have a fever, chill out, tight, warm or comfortable feeling is normal reaction. If the patient feels tight, uncomfortable may be burning or suction pulling force is too large or here is not suitable for cupping jar should be re pull, can also change the position or to use a canister of cupping Kang zhu.

After 7 cans, if local flushing, itching can not scratch, is a normal response, after a few hours or a few days, you can dissipate their own.

8 if the local Kang Zhu cupping skin blisters, drops, bleeding or blood stasis phenomenon, is a normal reaction. Can only scrape to prevent blisters, it naturally absorbed; bubble is larger, suggesting that the disease is generally heavier, water can be punctured with a sterile needle in bubble root, with sterile gauze dressing to prevent infection.9 patients with mental stress, hunger, improper position or suction cupping Kang Zhu is too large, patients sometimes suddenly appear pale, nausea and vomiting, sweating, palpitation, cold limbs, thready pulse phenomenon, the halo cans, immediately from the tank, the patient supine, pay attention to keep warm. Light people rest for a moment, drink warm boiled water or sugar syrup can be restored.

10 Cup, from cans should keep indoor warm, avoid cold air, prevent.

National quality trustworthy product

Gold medal of the third National Conference on science and technology talent technology exchange exhibition

Kang Zhu cupping of the 5th International Patent and won the special prize Fair

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Indications: shoulder circumference, sexual joints, hypertension, cerebral thrombosis, cold, nervous headache, low back and leg disease, trigeminal neuralgia, sciatica, diarrhea, asthma, and acute and chronic prostate diseases.
Symptoms: throat swelling and pain, tinnitus, deafness, chronic rhinitis, toothache, irregular menstruation, menstruation and pelvic, enuresis, anorexia, mosquito bites and other diseases.
Chinese medicine Kang Zhu cupping is cupping therapy and medication, set in one, guided by the basic theory of TCM, according to a new method of TCM Yin Yang and five elements theory, the theory of meridians. Although it is in the stimulation of local or meridian points, but follow the sensor from here, cause local and systemic reactions from the outside to the inside, so as to adjust the body function, achieve the meridians, Qi and blood, adjust the balance of yin and Yang, blood stasis, swelling and pain, dispelling wind and dampness, expelling cold, illnesses and fitness purposes. If the tank and pull on the body at the Du Meridian and Bladder Meridian on Yu Xue, forcibly dredge Qi, the body of the viscera to adjust the endocrine, promote the The new supersedes the old. to enhance the overall effect. Compared with the simple cupping or drug therapy, the effect is more significant, can be described as a cupping, three heavy curative effect.
Have no electricity, without looking for points, pictures will.
The cure, disease-free fitness!
The cupping therapy is an important part in medicine, has a long history. The utility model has the advantages of simple equipment and convenient operation. 1. Select the acupoints according to the condition of the disease;
2. Select proper tank and comfortable position;
3, the top of the selected tank top piston upward, to ensure ventilation;
4. The negative pressure muzzle is gently attached to the top of the piston at the top of the jar. The rod is pulled vertically and rapidly, and the skin is raised. The patient can tolerate the degree.
5. The connector can be used in the parts which can not be directly cupping (such as ridge, waist). Connector installation method: first connector at one end of the connecting rod head is connected with the standby front mouth of large bore, and the other end of the connecting rod head is connected with a negative pressure gun, make one end, then there is a front mouth and tank piston head together, then the tank on the site, with 4 operating tank adsorption on the surface.
6, the tank with the adsorption on the surface, the negative pressure around gently turn the back muzzle, a flick of the tank with the piston to prevent air leakage.
7. At the end, lift the piston.
8, treatment: once a day, children five days, adults seven days for a course of treatment. Interval three days, continue the next course of treatment.

9 cans out after use, routine disinfection, alcohol cotton wipe. Not soaked, boiled or treated with high temperature.
11, cupping therapy can not pull out, please check whether the black glue plug sealed in the tank, negative pressure gun and tank connection is too tight, negative pressure gun and tank is vertical, negative pressure gun and tank pull when the pressure on the skin is not too large.