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Kangci vacuum cupping cupping therapy tank K6 household thickened pumping out tank durable shipping

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Cupping knowledge:

First, cupping time control

Usually once a day or every other day, 5-15 minutes each time (often bubble, elderly, frail and children to 5-7 minutes is appropriate), 7-10 times for a course of treatment, rest for 3-5 days can be the next course of treatment. It can also be flexibly controlled according to individual physical condition.

1.Black and dark purple, generally referred to insufficient blood supply, poor menstruation, blood stasis

2.Purple and accompanied by plaque, cold coagulation deposition disease

3.There is moisture in the inner part of the tank, and there is moisture in the part

4.Most of them are deficient in cold

5.Scattered in the purple spot, and the depth of said gas stagnation and cholestasis

6.The surface of skin or micro itch, said wind evil and disease

7.Red and dark, indicating high blood lipids

8.Blisters. The body moisture, if there is blood Xuepao, damp heat reaction

9.Red and bright, which means Yin deficiency, Qi and blood deficiency of two or fire hyperactivity of yin deficiency

Three, pay attention to seasonal cupping

1, in spring, the weather gets warmer, and the temperature begins to rise. But suddenly struck the northern spring, will let the people be caught off guard colds and other respiratory diseases. The cold caused by cold, cold will pull out can effectively relieve symptoms by cupping. Attention should be paid to the lubrication of the tank mouth during the treatment. Dry weather in northern China, especially in the spring, cold and dry. The human skin lacks water, cupping is likely to cause skin rupture.

2, summer summer high temperatures, coupled with rain, people are easy to have skin diseases such as prickly heat. When the main cupping to moisture. Because of the summer sweat more, cupping before the best wash and dry the body, don't let the adsorption sweat cupping effect. Don't take a shower after washing, even if you sweat a lot, don't wash it so as not to get infected.

3, autumn and winter these two seasons, low temperature, dry, cupping to choose warm room, pay attention to insulation. For patients needing cupping in the back and abdomen, the cupping time should be appropriately reduced, and the body should not be exposed too long. After finishing the dressing, you can drink some hot water and warm your body. Autumn and winter two dry skin, cupping to lubricate the mouth, protect the skin is not injured.

Four. Contraindications

(1) a serious heart disease, liver disease, bleeding tendency, disease (such as the incidence of thrombocytopenia, hemophilia, leukemia, allergic purpura, acute sprain siltation, cerebral hemorrhage), cancer patients, pregnant women and women's menstrual period lower abdomen, bronchiectasis, tuberculosis activity.
(2) the constitution is extremely weak and the whole body is highly swollen;
(3) large vessels, apical pulsation, coma, fracture, spasm, convulsions, and obvious allergic to cupping can not be cupping.
(4) cupping indoor to keep warm, avoid air, prevent cold, should drink hot boiling water after cupping, with cold water for half an hour. Don't rinse tank track.
(5) after cupping left ecchymosis (green, purple and black, red and other colors) is a kind of disease response, such as a black wind, yellowish or red color indicating heat syndrome. Five days later, three Yuban will subside, don't worry; in the treatment time, skin blisters are a normal phenomenon, water (blood) bubble is larger, should do regular disinfection, and then sterilize the needle puncture, cotton wipe, again with 75% medical alcohol sterilized to prevent infection.
(6) if the patient appears dizziness, cold sweat, chest distress and other discomfort during cupping, should immediately remove the pot, drink a cup of hot water, rest for a moment, symptoms can disappear.
Five, matters needing attention
(1)Cupping to choose the appropriate posture and muscle fullness, skin smooth, no hair parts, according to different specifications of the cupping site, select a tank, such as do cupping on uneven parts and hair parts, surface and cupping ring pad available in the mouth below, to prevent leakage or select the special cupping. (optional) dry skin, can make the skin moist after cupping.
(2)Patients in the initial treatment, should first choose small cupping, and small cupping, light stimulation.
(3) do not move the body position after cupping. When using cupping therapy, cupping and cupping should be kept a certain distance, should not be arranged too close.
(4) acute, critically ill patients with high fever, coma, convulsions, etc. should be diagnosed first, so as not to delay the rescue treatment
(5) the local flushing and itching can not be scratched, after a few hours or a few days, it can be dissipated.
(6) blisters, water droplets, bleeding spots and congestion occurred in the local skin after lifting the tank, which were all normal treatment reactions. Can only scrape to prevent blisters, it naturally absorbed; bubble is large, often indicates serious illness. The needle can be punctured at the root of the blister, and the gauze is sterilized to prevent infection.
(7) patients with mental tension, hunger, improper position, or excessive suction cupping, patients sometimes suddenly appear pale, nausea and vomiting, sweating, palpitation, cold limbs, thready pulse, even coma, cyanosis of the lips and nails, two incontinence, pulse fine for the vast phenomenon, the halo the tank, immediately from the tank, the patient supine, keep warm, light rest, drink warm boiling water or sugar could be recovered; or in the treatment if there is still no relief, can be considered with other treatment or adopt emergency measures.
(8) after pulling on cupping, must ask the patient how you feel, if you have a fever, tight, chill out, warm and comfortable feeling all belong to the normal reaction. If the patient feels tight burning. Discomfort may be excessive pulling force or not suitable for cupping or small cupping.
(9) cupping, jar should keep indoor warm, avoid cold air, prevent.