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The 4 inch 5 inch drill machine 6 inch 8 inch 12 inch 16 inch heavy industrial machine vise vise shipping

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In order to facilitate the majority of fitter friends, the factory has increased a manufacturing table fitter production line, there are a variety of conventional models, can also be customized non-standard, there is a need of a friend can complete the purchase, we will according to the installation hole reserved hole. Details link

    The factory is divided into heavy and extra heavy two kinds of specifications, each kind of specification has a 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 10 inch, 12 inch, heavy and extra heavyThe same width of the jaw,According to the weight difference.

  Table vice is used to clamp the workpiece, its specifications to the width of the jaw to be expressed, the hardware is calculated by inches (1 inches =25mm), the commonly used specifications are: 4 inches jaw width is 100mm, 5 inches jaw width is 125mm6 inch jaw width is 150mm, 8 inch jaw width is 200mm, 10 inch jaw width is 250mm, 12 inch jaw width is 300mm.For transport safety,The products are packed in wooden boxes. 

Attention should be paid to the use of bench vice:

(1) the workpiece is clamped in the middle of the jaw so as to force the jawEven;(2) the workpiece after clamping should be stable and reliable, easy to process, and does not produce deformation;(3) to clamp the workpiece, are only allowed on hands power to pull the handle, can not use hammer handle or a casual long tube to handle, screw, nut or clamp body so as to avoid damage;(4) do not knock on the smooth surface of the movable clamp, so as not to reduce the matching performance; (5) the direction of the force should be the direction of the fixed clamp body.

Goods in more than 40 kilograms, need to take logistics, we mail logistics toIn the cityorCounty mention. Some areas, such as door-to-door delivery, please contact the customer service, negotiate door-to-door delivery, not contact customer service are considered as goods to mention.Thanks for your cooperation,I wish you a happy shopping!






The main use of table vice:Vice is a fitter tool, but also the source of the name of fitter, because most of the work bench is done in a vise, such as sawing, filing, chisel, and parts of the assembly and disassembly. Installed in the bench, with the width of the jaw as standard specifications to complete the work, the common specifications from 100 to 300mm.

Supporting the production of anti-static blue desktop fitter table, there is a need to contact customer service.

Model Width of jaw Trip Jaw height Plane rotation Clamping force Exterior size Weight (KG)
QT100  100(4")  80mm  50mm 360 degrees 10.5KN  320*160*150  5
QT125 125(5") 125mm 56mm 360 degrees 20KN 340*170*180  10
QT150 150(6") 130mm 68mm 360 degrees 25KN 405*200*195  13.5
QT200 200(8") 130mm 79mm 360 degrees 30KN 430*215*205  19
QT250 250(10") 180mm 100mm 360 degrees 40KN 560*260*250  30


Model Width of jaw Trip Jaw height Plane rotation

Clamping force

Exterior size Weight (KG)

4 inch weighting

100mm 120mm 58mm 360 degrees  20KN  340*170*180   10

5 inch weighting

125mm 140mm 56mm 360 degrees 25KN   405*195*190   14

6 inch weighting

150mm 160mm 76mm 360 degrees 30KN  460*215*225   19

8 inch weighting

200mm 200mm 88mm 360 degrees 40KN 560*260*250   35

10 inch weighting

250mm 220mm 98mm 360 degrees 45KN 600*275*290   44

12 inch weighting

300mm 310mm 140mm 360 degrees 50KN 735*330*365  78

Explain:The clamp body is made of high temperature casting, and the jaw is mould steel, which is durable.

 The base has fixed holes, which can be fixed on drilling machines and milling machines and other processing equipment. Is an indispensable tool for making Xigong, fitter!