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Yuan Tang, magic star massager, beauty salon, ovarian maintenance instrument, vibration multi-function electric body vibration grease instrument

discount 70% in 2018-07-20 to 2018-07-22
price: USD$ 324.03
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From now on, product upgrades: the average intensity of the high and low two file adjustment, upgrade version of stepless speed control (greater power adjustable), 2 massage bottom upgrade 3D stereo design more fit the human body,

Material upgrade without odor!Limited 500 discount promotions!

This product is sent by mail express, need other express, please contact customer service to supplement freight, do not make up not shipped. Product weight 3.1kgPlease forgive me when you can't mail in remote areas. Since the Tang Yang Yuan massager sales, no company, no brand market of small workshops and shoddy products, please buy for Yang Yuan Tang brand, in order to protect your rights 2 years warranty; shops selling with Yang Yuan Tang authentic query security stickers, in raising Yuan Tang certificate.

Warm reminder: because the massager is heavy, and the vibration frequency is relatively high, please be careful with the use of binding belt operation, so as not to break the instrument.

Yang Yuan Tang magic star multi massager has the unique strength of the two tranches of frequency, without damage to the massage function, in addition to mental stress, aching muscles and other common indications, he eased the pain to relax, especially the spin cycle dynamic shock transmission power, is a major feature, suitable for neck and back the waist and abdomen, buttocks, legs, arms, size, fat, fitness massage vibration shock.
Only heavy 3.1Kg, can also operate, apply to the body needs parts. Its comfortable and soft surface contact with high power is reflected in its high quality, maintenance free design.
The new generation of body massage apparatus on the basis of figure in the original plastic body, according to the user's feedback, develop more suitable for the vibration frequency and intensity of ovarian maintenance, with soft leather elasticity in contact with parts of the machine and the human body, its unique bullet shape more convenient to use. Design reflects the concept of people-oriented, users feel more comfortable.
This product is strong and strong two files adjustment
  [methods of operation]:
1, before using the massager, please first check the power line, switch and machine components are intact, the machine parts can not be loose.
2. Make sure the switch is in OFF (off) position.
3, insert the power socket, check the power supply socket intact, can use.
4, put the machine on the neck, hands clasped the electrical instrument handle, close to the body, first with weak file massage for a few minutes, and then choose according to need: massage.
5, massage the abdomen, should be clockwise massage, hands slightly pressure, massage effect is better.
6, three is a horn massage cushion can be used for hard, acupoint massage.
7, the massager upside down in the carpet, feet gently placed on the massage pad, foot massage can be used.
In 8, operation site cast a moisturizing oil, essential oils, and then massage the bottom leather wrapped in plastic film (film), continuous massage for 20 - 30 minutes, daily 1 - 2 times, for 15 - 30 days, to achieve local massage The role of. Long term use prevents rebound.
9, the body of the abdomen, pubic symphysis part of the "weak" massage, can regulate the skin peripheral nerve, comfortable incomparable.
10, the handle of the machine can also massage the palm of the operator, such as felt strong discomfort, can be wrapped on the handle of soft fabric, or with gloves, to weaken felt.
11, because of long time massage, accelerate blood circulation, or underwear on the fiber of the skin, may cause itching, please do not use hands, only need to remake the skin several times, itching will disappear, 2 - 3 days later will meet.
12, massage ends, push the switch to "OFF" (pass) position, unplug the power line plug from the power outlet.
Matters needing attention:
1) people with high age, high blood pressure and heart disease should be cautious. People with skin trauma or infectious diseases are prohibited.
2) face only for fat, not big mandible people.
Many people are using, beauty salons, gym, sauna, massage room, physiotherapy room, more is home, the function is extensive, easy to operate. The new generation of body massage instrument in the original on the basis of plastic body, according to the user's feedback, develop more suitable for the vibration frequency and intensity of ovarian maintenance, the Pu elastic parts in contact with the machine and soft body, its unique bullet shape more convenient to use. The design reflects the people-oriented concept, the appearance is smaller and more beautiful! Users feel more comfortable.