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Electronic display timer switch in the door advertising advertisements on time controller control switch

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Function and Application
This product can automatically open and close the power supply of all kinds of electrical equipment according to the user's setting time. widely
Programming timing automatic control of electric equipment used in street lamp, neon lamp, advertisement lamp, electric rice cooker, aerator, sprinkling irrigation machine, preheating precooling device and other fields.

technical parameter
* rated voltage: 220V/50Hz
* applicable voltage range: 180-240V
Rated current: 25A
* time control range: 1 minutes -168 hours (7 days)
Setting times: 10 sets of programming controls per day
Control cycle: daily or weekly control cycle (with different timing settings per day)
Timing error: < 0.5 seconds / day
* using temperature: -30 C -50 C
Installation mode: rail or wall hanging type
Layman size: 115*75*52mm
* moistureproof and dustproof

Three, timing settings
Adjust the clock: hold down the clock, and press the "time, minutes, weeks" button to adjust the clock, week.
The timing setting steps are as follows:

*Note: if you do not need to set the 10 group, cancel the redundant group with the "cancel / restore" key, show "- -: -", which means elimination, and then click the "cancel / restore" key to restore the original time set before the elimination.
* check: check the set time and week correctly for each set of times according to the timing key.
* modify: press the "time" button to the modified timing group, press the cancel / restore key to eliminate the current settings, and then set the relevant steps according to the timing to reset the group switching time (week, time, minute).
Manual control: according to manual / automatic key, the power can be switched on and off directly, in the "open" state, always open; in the "off" state, always shut; in the "automatic" state, the automatic implementation of the set time program.
* in the non clock display state, the current settings can be restored to the clock display state by pressing the "clock" key or 30 seconds without any key.
* if the daily control cycle is required, make sure that the timing (on and off) is set on the full day of the week.

Four. Wiring diagram

Five, matters needing attention
If the display is weak or not displayed, replace the battery (the battery is under the terminal cap, unscrew the fixed screw, and then replace the cover). After the battery is replaced, if the original content is lost, it needs to be reset.
* when the screen is pressed for more than 0.5 seconds, the display will act, which is set up for the purpose of resisting external interference.
Don't repair, disassemble or reform the product.
* Don't make the product contaminated with oil or water.
The battery is easy to replace.

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