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Devil massager vibration massage fat vibrator. Beauty instrument instrument magic slimming instrument ovarian maintenance

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The devil / God friction massager


The use of stable mechanical power of the force, for different parts of the body to adjust the speed of different parts of the body or local massage, can be mechanical vibration to stimulate the secretion of female hormones, dredge the ovary, restore uterine elasticity, increase sexual function.

1, Tongmai Huoxue, dredge meridians, ovarian maintenance.

2. Quicken the blood circulation and accelerate the contraction of uterus.

3, improve sexual desire, regulate endocrine

4. Eliminate fatigue and relieve nerves

This product is strong and strong two files adjustment

[methods of operation]

1, before using the massager, please first check the power line, switch and machine components are intact, the machine parts can not be loose.

2. Make sure the switch is in OFF (off) position.
3, insert the power socket, check the power supply socket intact, can use.
4, put the machine on the neck, hands clasped the appliance handle, or with a special bandage, close to the body, first with weak file massage for a few minutes, and then choose according to need: massage.
5, massage the abdomen, should be clockwise massage, hands a little pressure, massage effect is better.
6, four only to cushion massager cutin is hard, can be used for acupoint massage.
7, the massager upside down in the carpet, feet gently placed on the massage pad, foot massage can be used.
8, in the need to lose weight parts of the effective weight loss cream, and then covered with plastic film (plastic film), continuous massage for 20 to 30 minutes, 1 to 2 times a day, for 15 to 30 days, you can achieve the effect of local weight loss. Long term use prevents rebound.
9, the body of the abdomen, pubic symphysis part of the "weak" massage, endocrine regulation, comfortable incomparable.
10, the handle of the machine can also massage the palm of the operator, such as felt strong discomfort, can be wrapped on the handle of soft fabric, or with gloves, to weaken felt.
11, because of long time massage, accelerate blood circulation, or underwear on the fiber of the skin, may cause itching, please do not use hands, only need to remake the skin several times, itching will disappear, 2 - 3 days later will meet.
12, massage ends, push the switch to "OFF" (pass) position, unplug the power line plug from the power outlet.

Let the fat movement, let you exempt from the exercise of hard work, confirmed by scientific identification

Abdominal fat movement 10 minutes = jogging for 2 hours; hip fat movement 10 minutes = jog 90 minutes

Leg fat = 10 minutes jogging 1 hours 10 minutes of exercise waist waist fat = 3800

According to the massage effect that has been summed up by users

1. Regulating endocrine. By massaging the lower abdomen and pubic symphysis, the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity are contracted violently, and the secretion of ovarian sex hormones is promoted. It can effectively prevent and improve the symptoms of female due to insufficient estrogen secretion: (spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, oily skin, acne, aging, emotional fluctuations, insomnia, upset, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, sexual dysfunction +). Users reflect: uterine hypoplasia, minor fibroids, dysmenorrhea have a very good effect.

2, help digestion, relieve constipation. Long term use around the umbilicus, can strengthen peristalsis, help digestion, effective contact with constipation.

3, breast enhancement. With the breast cream used for a month, can make the double peak, was increased, especially for nursing after breast ptosis, middle-aged women, can effectively improve the 2-3cm.

4, Quick Shake fat to lose weight. With topical ointment, only 30 minutes per day (1 parts) for 14 consecutive days. The local (abdominal, thigh, calf, back, buttocks) weight loss effect is particularly obvious. Abdominal generally reduced 4-6cm, the best reached 13cm. Recently, some people creatively used for face lift, the effect is surprisingly good. Long term use, effective anti rebound, especially suitable for home use.

5. Activating blood circulation and relaxing muscles. The fatigue caused by pain, frostbite, hemorrhoids and other diseases can be removed to the machine. Hemorrhoids need about 10-15 days, sitting on the massage machine for half an hour every day.

6. Lowering blood pressure. Customers use 2 times a day, half an hour later, the head around the expansion of blood vessels, blood pressure in patients with hypertension has declined. Gently massage the top of the head, the hair, hair is very helpful.

7. Massage foot. Machine upside down, not only can foot health care, the effect is strange.

8. Hypertrophy of the prostate. For men with dysuria caused by hypertrophy of the prostate, urinary retention, the use of 10 minutes can ease

Arm fat movement 10 minutes = dumbbell lifting 360 times;

Size: 23 x 12 x 18.5cm
Gross weight: 3.5kg
Volume: 0.00511m3
Frequency: 50-60Hz
[instructions for use]

1. please read the instructions carefully before using the machine. The use of the machine, in fact, must persevere, otherwise it will affect the effect.
2. do not use fat movement experts facial, neck and head reduces the fat movement.
3. don't use fat sports expert in the knife edge of spine and operation.
4. heart disease or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease patients should be carefully used, such as the use of this machine after skin allergies, please stop using (the initial itching, hemp is normal response), until the skin returned to normal after use.
5. the women who have just had their babies can't use fat sports specialists immediately, and they don't have to use it until they get back to their prenatal health.
6. before use, you must press the power switch button to "O" position, plug in the power supply, and then turn on the power switch.
7. before starting the machine, hold the handle with both hands and pick up the machine.
8. fat vibration board and skin should be separated from a layer of pure cotton or silk fabric, not directly contact with the skin. When the abdomen is used, the belt should be loosened to prevent the fat vibration plate with buckles.
9. when choosing the fat movement, please input the personal data truthfully to ensure that the machine set the scientific and reasonable fat movement program for you.
10. should be used every day, please do not use it within half an hour after meals.
11. after use, drink a cup of boiled water, promote metabolism.
12. after each use, must do some slight movement indoors or outdoors, otherwise it will affect the effect.
13. just use this product will appear itching, hemp and other feeling, all belong to the normal reaction, rather than skin allergies, and this itch hemp phenomenon will gradually disappear with your use, and then appear fever, hot feeling, that is fat burning.
14. fat movement should be carried out according to the site order, generally a site needs continuous exercise for more than a week, after the effect can continue.
15. the machine adopts super program microcomputer control, if there is a display error, please turn off the power switch and open it after 5 seconds.

[safety precautions]

1.. This product is only for indoor use, and should be stored in dry and ventilated places.
2. clean the machine, you can use dry cloth or wring dry towel wipe, don't water.
3. please unplug the power plug after use to ensure safety.
4. if the power line is damaged, it must be replaced by the special line.
5. never stand or sit on the machine.
6. pregnant women have habitual abortion, please do not use.
7. surgery healed and the seriously ill do not use.

1, the successful application of unique ultra long wave technology, body sculpting effect faster, more scientific, more effective.

The use of ultra long wave can improve the microcirculation in vivo, enhance the vitality of skin cells, make the skin more shiny, beautiful, elastic.

2. Eliminate excess fat in the abdomen, waist, buttocks and legs.

3, eliminate postpartum women left behind abdominal striae, patterns.

4, eliminate orange peel phenomenon, restore the healthy nature of the skin.

5, health massage, fat movement two ways of free choice