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Shipping electric threading machine pipeline tapping hinge hinge screw pull galvanized pipe wire 4 -2 inch

Electric threading machine type 50 (maximum 6 head 2 inch tube) now has been upgraded to power 2300W. random hair color Oh, Chinese Macao and English VICOVER brand extension is random hair quality is the same brand is different, is the normal domestic brand extension Australia.110V also has the goods (threading machine four the head of the random hair color)

discount 70% in 2018-10-19 to 2018-10-21
price: USD$ 1400.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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German Otto
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The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality
The classic machine, excellent quality

The regulations also have a spot 110V

This machine has the power to upgrade 2300W high temperature weather plus dieheadThe torque is relatively large Use when the customer response said fever is a normal phenomenon in fact, do not need to worry about the machine will burn, this machine has 6 month warranty in June if the motor burned the shop within the warranty, received any questions you can contact to help you solve, do not easily give bad review oh.




The buyer must readMatters needing attention:

(a) when plugged in, the light switch is energized by the switch on the edge, a side button switch and insurance must be together on the use of power supply can be switched on.

(two) if just cut off the pipes do not rush to immediately set wire, pipe cooling in the set (for pipe cutting may result in high temperature, the pipe will be expanded, if this time you set is not suitable for silk) (three) the fixture must take the pipe clamp clamping can not have a little loose, tighten the hand after taking a tube clamp rod in the rotating a circle over tight or loose threads set out unevenly, bad will die, die consumption oh.

This shop can kipor ticket plus 5 points.



6 head electric threading machine 4 inch -2


4 head electric threading machine 4 inch -1.2




Model: ZIT-KY01-30 (4 heads)

Specifications; 1/2 inch -1.2 inch 2000W power      

Model: ZIT-KY01-50 (6 heads)

Specifications; 1/2 inch -2 inch 2300W power

The copper wire motor material;


Color; color (red) to the actual inventory

Weight; full weight full weight 16.5KG6 6.5KG4 head of the head machine is 20KG

Packaging; packaging molding box

This paragraph if the cargo return need to pay the 50 yuan shipping freight.


Accessories:6individualDie head: 1/2 "3/4" 1 "1-1/4" 1-1/22 1 inch pot holder manual threading machine 980 yuan


Accessories:4 die head: 1/2 "3/4" 1 "1-1/4" ABURATSUBO 1 threading machine manual clamping seat 850 yuan

Product features

1, a hand-held electric threading machine compared with the desktop electric threading machine has the advantages of light weight, only the host7Kg.

2, high quality die head, long service life, thread clear, and can be replaced quickly die head; labor-saving and quick operation, convenient carrying;

3, not subject to site constraints, the site or in non routine situations can be flexible operation.

4, this product is suitable for industrial and mining enterprises, colleges, families, small and medium sized engineering maintenance team, can be used for heating, heating, gas, tap water construction operations. This product supports the use of standard pipe

5, from the hardware market to facilitate buy generic die head.

Operations Guide

1, choose the corresponding die head, the circlip is pulled from the right after installation in the host.

2, is clamping the pipe clamp, and arm length about (about L2 and L1 length).

3, positive and negative to switch in the down arrow position, starting switch and auxiliary contact.

4, in the set of hard pipe galvanized pipe, such as copper should be promptly without refueling refueling, plastic pipe.

5, note that the tube clip can not be right in the process of contact with the host seat, otherwise it will hurt the host.

6, the machine stops, and then pull the reverse switch upward arrow position, exit pipe.

7, GMTE-03 (C) in the 1 / 2 - 1 / 1 "4" pipe first adapter was installed on the host and then loaded on the die head.

8, this product supports the use of standard pipe