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[] increte agent power module GZ11010S-9110v10a new original authentic

[] increte agent power module GZ11010S-9110v10a new original authentic

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[] increte agent power module GZ11010S-9110v10a new original authentic

main features

The input voltage ranges from 304VAC to 475VAC;

Adopting advanced phase-shift resonant high-frequency soft switching technology, the efficiency is greater than 90%;

Built in short circuit retraction protection, even if the module output is in short circuit state for a long time, and does not damage;

Using LED display, the voltage, current and fault information of the module can be searched;

Perfect protection and alarm function, including input / undervoltage, output over-voltage, over temperature, over-current and so on;

Natural cooling combined with air cooling;

Cooling fan temperature control, linear debugging, low noise, long fan life;

Built in fan net cover, dustproof design;

The perfect EMI design, in line with the relevant standards;

The built-in connection reverse protection, support electric plug;

The design of the panel and the edge of the panel can effectively eliminate the gap caused by the opening error of the panel;

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Adopting advanced phase-shift resonant high-frequency soft switching technology, the efficiency is greater than 92%;

Short circuit retraction protection, even if the module output is in short circuit state for a long time, and does not damage;

Using LCD (or LED) display, can query the voltage, current, address and fault information of the module;

Perfect protection and alarm function, including input / undervoltage, output over-voltage, over temperature, over-current and so on;

Air cooling mode, fan adopts temperature control linear speed regulation, small noise, high reliability;

The built-in connection reverse protection, support electric plug; air-cooled module GF22020-6/-8 series technical indicatorsThe technical index of module GF22020-6/-8 series module is shown in table 3.1.40:

Table 3.1.40GF22020-6/-8 technical specifications of series modules


Item parameter index remark

GF22020-6/-8    GF11040-8    

Input rated voltage 380VAC + 20% three-phase AC 

Output rating 20A/230V40A/115V

The range of voltage regulation is 198 ~ 286V99 ~ 143V

The output current limiting range is from 10% to 105%, the rated current is 105%, and the maximum current limiting point is

The precision is less than or equal to 0.5%

The steady precision is less than or equal to 0.5%

The ripple coefficient is less than 0.1%

The conversion efficiency of more than 92%, the rated output rated input

The dynamic response and recovery time is less than 200 s, the overshoot is less than or equal to 80% + 5%20% load jump load

Output short circuit current to retract the shrinkage is less than or equal to 40% of rated current, recovery

Output overvoltage alarm / can be set up by module monitoring module or monitoring module

Output over-voltage protection 295 + 5VDC, 155 + 5VDC is not recoverable, can not be recovered, need to manually restore

Output undervoltage alarm / monitoring settings

Input undervoltage protection 295 + 5VAC (recovery voltage 305 + 5VAC) AC voltage normal,

Automatic recovery work

Input overvoltage protection 465 + 5VAC (recovery voltage 455 + 5VAC)

Over temperature protection, 80 + 5 (recovery temperature: 65 + 5), automatic recovery after cooling

Cooling method, temperature control, air cooling

Outline size 136mm x 284mm x 445mm (width * height * depth)

Net weight is less than or equal to 15Kg module air cooled module GF22020-6/-8 series configuration and interface

1, shape structure

Figure 3.1.31GF22020-6/-8 figure of series module

Figure 3.1.32GF22020-6/-8 front and rear view of series modules

2 、 input / output interface

All kinds of signal input and output GF22020-6/-8 series modules are connected through the air outlet behind it, as shown in figure 3.1.33, the definition of each foot as shown in table 3.1.41:

Figure 3.1.33 aeronautical component definition diagram

Table 3.1.41GF22020-6/-8 series module socket definition table

Signal name pin signal definition specification

AC input 1 AC power input of one phase module in three-phase power supply, the input mode is three-phase three wire system, without phase sequence requirements

2 one phase in three-phase electric

3 one phase in three-phase electric

4 the protective terminal of the protective PE module is connected with the module shell

The communication interface 11485A weak signal terminal, the communication interface between module and superior equipment is serial asynchronous transmission mode, the interface level is RS485

    13    485B    

All 17 flow stream interface + weak signal, two or more than two parallel output module needs to be combined in order to achieve this end parallel load sharing module; suggestion: inter layer modules are connected to use shielded wire line

19 current sharingDC output

27 output +GF11040 is: 26 and 27 feet: output +

28 and 29 feet for output -

28 output -

Be careful:

1, in order to ensure the safety, please ensure that the AC input in the protection of PE terminal and the earth correctly connected;

2, in order to guarantee the reliability of the system, each module of the three-phase AC input must be individually configured into the air line. air cooling module GF22020-6/-8 series operation instructions

GF22020-6/-8 series module operation with GZ22010-6/-8 series module, output module is the current limiting value is not the same, the specific operation see section GZ22010-6/-8 series module operating instructions (Page:116~121)

GF22020-6/-8 series selection and configuration of air cooling module

When users use the GF22020 module, we can use the bracket provided by our company, and also can provide the corresponding parts by our company, assembled by the user.

1, module heat dissipation design

The module adopts forced air-cooled heat dissipation method, so when designing the power supply system, it is necessary to design the heat dissipation duct of the module. That is to say, when arranging the module position, we should ensure the smooth flow of the radiator before and after the module, and the front end of the module must keep the air inlet of 15 ~ 20cm. Rear module as little as possible to install temperature sensitive components should be designed to avoid DC sampling parts box, Holzer sensor, power distribution monitoring box placed in the air near the module.

Be careful:

When designing the cabinet, please consider the design of the module air inlet duct.

2 、 module power distribution design

In order to facilitate the single maintenance of the charging module, separate air switches should be set at the input points of the module AC input. The module should not be directly connected to the AC bus system, recommended circuit breaker rated capacity is 20A.

3. Mounting bracket

The GF22020 series module has 3 types of brackets for use: 2 position bracket, 3 position bracket and 4 position bracket. Open hole pattern and bracket is shown in this chapter 3.3.4 chapter on the introduction of PXZ1A-220/20 (XX) (Page:164 ~ 166).

Note that for the GF11040 module, if necessary, only 2 bit and 3 bit brackets are not provided, and the 4 bit bracket is not provided.

4, the transfer board design

When the user does not use our bracket, the rectifier module is equipped with a set of aviation components (aviation component definition as shown in figure 3.1.34), and the user assembles itself. The accessories list is shown in table 3.1.42 (corresponding to a module).

The air component adapter board RZ10H9X2, J2 and J3 are inter module communication / flow connector, can be connected together with 4P J1 for a 2 cable; Phoenix connector used to connect with PC communication interface; JP1 is a 3 bit for skipping stitches, matching capacitor set system 485 the news (capacity 0.1uF), the default setting for the jumper cap in the "OFF" position, for a system, set one adapter plate broken jumper cap to "ON" position. AC input

Three phase input rated voltage: 380V, 50HZ

Voltage range: 380V + 15%

Frequency range: 50HZ + 10%

DC output

Output rating: 5A/230V (G05H1)


Voltage regulation range: 180V-286V (G05H1, G07H1)

Output current limiting range: 20%-105% * rated current

Voltage accuracy: less than 0.5%

Current accuracy: less than 0.5%

The ripple coefficient is less than or equal to 0.1%.

Conversion efficiency: 94% (full load output)

Dynamic response: the 20% step load change to 80% load recovery time less than 200 tse.png S, overshoot is less than 2%

Audible noise: less than 55dB

Working environment temperature: -5, --+45


Insulation resistance: 500V/50HZ AC voltage is applied between the DC part and the part of the system, and the insulation resistance is >2M ohm

Insulation strength: AC part, DC part and chassis, the DC part and the chassis between 50HZ 2KV AC voltage, one minute no breakdown, no flash arc

Four remote function

Remote control: on / off, charge

Remote adjustment: the output voltage and output current limiting are continuously adjustable

Telemetry: output current and output voltage

Remote signal: on / off state, working state

Structural appearance

Module size: (width * height) 126.5 x 221.5 (front panel), (width * height * depth) 110 x 198 x 310 (box)

Module weight: 6.2K


Function description of 1.4G05H1 and G07H1

A. protection function

Output overvoltage protection

The output voltage is too high for the electric equipment will cause catastrophic accidents, to prevent the occurrence of such situations, our company has a high frequency module overvoltage protection circuit module, automatic deadlock overvoltage, the corresponding module fault indicator, automatic withdrawal work fault module without affecting the normal operation of the whole system; overvoltage protection for 320V 2V (G05H1, G07H1).

Output current limiting protection

The output power of each module is restricted, the output current can not be increased indefinitely, so each module output current is limited to 1.05 times the rated output current, if the overload, lower output voltage by automatic module protection module.

Short circuit protection

The output characteristics of the rectifier module, output short circuit module in an instant the output voltage down to zero, limiting the short-circuit current in the limiting point, the module output power is very small, in order to achieve the purpose of protection module. The module can work in short circuit for a long time and will not be damaged. The module can be automatically recovered after troubleshooting.

Module parallel protection

There are parallel protection circuits in each module, which ensures that the fault module exits automatically without affecting other normal modules. Modular parallel output diagram as shown in the following picture.

Over temperature protection

Over temperature protection is the main protection for power converter device, limit junction temperature and current overload capacity of these devices are safe, normal working condition, the system design with enough margin, but in some special conditions, such as the ambient temperature is too high, the fan stops, module testing radiator temperature exceeding 85 DEG C when will the automatic shutdown protection, reduce the temperature to 70 DEG C when the module starts automatically.

Overcurrent protection

Overcurrent protection protection main power converter device, in each cycle of variable flow, if the current exceeds the device to withstand current closed power devices, power devices to achieve the protection. Over current protection can be automatically restored.

B. settings function

Voltage regulation function

At the back of the module, there is an output voltage regulator potentiometer, which can adjust the potentiometer to change the output voltage without module monitoring. When the module is monitored, the output voltage is set by the monitoring system, and the potentiometer is invalid.

Stepless current limit

The limiting point can be set in the rated current of 20%-105% by monitoring system.

Remote control function

Remote control module, the on / off / float voltage conversion.

Technical features of 1.5G05H1 and G07H1 modules

A. electrothermal plug and play technology

Through long-term research, our company has solved the problems of high current connection and device protection of live connection. The rectifier module is designed as a hot swappable module, the replacement is very convenient, the replacement of a module is only a maximum of 30 seconds, the system maintenance is safe, simple and efficient.

B.ZVS soft switching technology

In order to make the switching power supply can efficiently operate at high frequency, we continue to research and development of high frequency soft switching technology, has successfully developed ZVS edge resonant technology, switching loss is reduced, so as to further reduce the volume and weight and greatly improve the performance of the module.

Advantages of a.ZVS soft switching

Small switching loss

It can realize high frequency (the limit frequency can be 1-2M), and the switch process is realized in smooth state

Constant frequency operation, small harmonic component

Absorption free circuit

The current and voltage stress of the power tube is small

Basic principle of b.ZVS soft switching

The power loss of MOSFET consists of three parts: the power loss, turn off losses and conduction losses, hard switching voltage during switching and current change at the same time, there is high voltage and large current state, the loss is very large, which leads to the low efficiency, power tube temperature, need to transfer the switching loss absorption circuit.

The switching process of ZVS soft switch in opening VDS down to the current rise 0V, turn off the current reduced to VDS increased by 0A, thus theoretically no switching losses, although the actual VDS and current changes or there will be some overlap, but the switching loss and hard switching compared greatly reduced.

The voltage and current of the ZVS soft switch are smooth, and the VDS has no overshoot, so the output harmonic component is small and the electromagnetic interference is small.