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2A12t4 aluminum 2A113A216082 aluminum rod A2017LY12cz2024 aluminum block 7075t6 aluminum platoon


discount 70% in 2018-08-16 to 2018-08-18
price: USD$ 2.17
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
Minimum Order Quantity:5
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Plastic mould steel:P20 718H 738 S136 S136H NAK80
Stamping die steel:CR12MOV CR12 SKD-11 D2 SLD DC53 
Die casting die steel:H13 SKD61 8407 FDAC 2344 QR-90
Metal mould steel:  A3 45# 50# Cr12 Cr12MOV SKD-11 SLD SKH-9 
Zipper die steel: trump card S50C SKS-3 FDAC DAC H13
highSpeed steel: W6SKH-9SKH-59M42ASP-23ASP-30ASP-60
Gear steel, bearing steel, spring steel, BITAUTO iron, iron, steel, cold rolled plate,SPCC and so on,
Machinable light plate, fine plate and heat treatment.


Supply all kinds of high speed steel, cold die steel, hot die steel, plastic die steel, tool steel, alloy steel, alloy steel, special steel, machinery, steel, tungsten steel, copper graphite, aluminum, stainless steelHigh temperature alloy, bakelite rod,Equal round steel, complete sheet specificationDie steel H13,8407SKD612344HM3 ,FDAC,

high speed steelSKH-9SKH-51,SKH55,SKH59,M35,M42,ASP60,ASP30,ASP23,SKH-35W6.W18,M2

Cold working die steelD2SKD11DC-53SLD,Cr12MoV,YK30,VIKING,

Plastic mould steelS136,718H,NAK80 ,738 2083S-7

Tungsten steelYG15,YG8,YL10.2 ,EK-20,EK-50,CD650CD750.K40A variety of materials

A new type of hot working die steel ratioH13good3Double, steel for air!

Wholesale, retail:

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 1. prices are quoted in terms of actual size

2. please inform the owner of the length and thickness you need, and please mark it in millimeters.If you need to process the supporting services, such as light plate, fine board, heat treatment and so on, please set the price again.

3. The above price is cash untaxed, if necessary17% VAT invoice price negotiableIf you need a VAT invoice, please inform the owner before you offer the price, otherwise the default is the untaxed price.

4.WoolIt refers to the surface of the oxide skin, and the four sides are sawed.A3 and 45# are oxygen cut.

5.LightThe milling machine is the four sides, the grinding machine is the two plane, the default tolerance is positive.0.3mm to 0.5mm

6.Fine plateIt refers to the four sides of fine milling, the grinding machine is fine grinding two sides, the default tolerance is positive0.02mm to 0.05mm

7.According to the customer's request size, the saw is weighed according to the actual weight./Heavy plate calculation weight)

8. to undertake the processing of vacuum heat treatment (quenching), deep cold and so on

9. freight is adjusted according to actual weight and area

Because the market is changing quickly, the price of the website is all fictitious, the real price is requested to call for consultation.
In order to meet the needs of the broad masses of customers, our company provides24Hourly online service, welcome your call at any time

Invoice system description


1. how to get the invoice
1) the goods sold by the company, 100% full inspection form, quality assurance, delivery default contains no documents.
2) our products can provide invoices, but the default is not accompanied by invoices. If buyers need invoices, please explain them in advance, and leave the invoice in the order (the name of the paying party).
3) freight invoice amount to open freight in advance and service.

 2. precautions for invoicing
1) the amount of the invoice should not be higher than the amount of the order.
The invoice can be invoices for the unified machine. The bill can be used as a unit reimbursement or unit invoice to offset the invoice.

2) if you need invoice (including 17% tickets, ordinary invoice) (with 10% tax), please explain in advance before buying Oh, and provide billing information (including: company name / number / address and telephone / bank and account number).

3) the total amount of the single invoice is greater than or equal to 1 thousand yuan, providing the invoicing service, less than 1 thousand yuan, can be accumulated together, the amount can reach one thousand yuan later, can provide the invoice service, because each invoice is also need the cost, if you bring inconvenience, please understand.