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Student mosquito net support parts, pole bedstead, bedroom bed curtain, stainless steel dormitory, stainless steel pipe, sitting bed type

This shop in the Mongolia from 4.12 to 4.95 of the scaffolds are rod diameter 8.5MM and all round core, bold elastic, chrome plated connector is updated, a lot of strong toughness than the original, welcome customers to buy, welcome goods than three, direct manufacturers to accept a variety of custom!

discount 70% in 2018-09-20 to 2018-09-22
price: USD$ 28.00
freight :USD$18.00,(Express)
freight :USD$7.00,(Postal parcel)
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Mongolia package upgrade

With the thick rubber band round core chrome bold sub joint


 Customer 1: Hello, shopkeeper, the length of the bracket I want, what do you do here?

Shopkeeper: dear, Hello, you can take the same length of the bracket, we will give each of the customers to send a saw blade, even if it is long, you can also change their own Oh!



Customer 2: Hello, my mosquito net is 1.5. How much mosquito net support do I need to take?

Shopkeeper: pro, Hello, because many manufacturers Mongolia nets, mosquito net height is not the same, so the support length is not one, so also please parents to buy before the old measure the length of the pole, and then we provide the pole length compare, choose a suitable size, try to buy do not buy long short, long can handle a sawed off OhDon't just measure one of the parts, then multiply it by 8, that's too much error


Customer 3: my stent is thrown. What should I do?

Shopkeeper: dear, if your old pole is thrown away, please tie the middle of the yarn to one of the length of the foot sleeve, and then *2. In particular, this length may be an error due to the elasticity of the yarn. But that's not the way to do it



Customer 4: if I buy it back, it can't be used, can I exchange it for free?

Shopkeeper: pro, if you buy the baby can not use, without affecting the second sales can be returned Oh, but we can not exchange free Oh, small business!


Customer 5: can you make it cheaper?

Shopkeeper: dear, we are now the active price, we do not bargain?



Customer 6: how to measure the bracket?

Shopkeeper: dear, when you connect the old mosquito net pole, put it flat on the ground, and follow the total length of it, remember the place where the interface is bent

Please measure the total length of the root along the pole, including the elbow section. (that would be more accurate)

As shown in fig.:

Size of mosquito net, length of bracket, height of mosquito net

1.2*2.0 meters, 4.12 meters, 1.4 meters

1.5*2.0 meters, 4.12 meters, 1.40 meters

      1.5*2.0 meters, 4.32 meters, 1.50 meters

    1.5*2.0 meters, 4.65 meters, 1.60 meters

1.8*2.0 meters, 4.52 metersAbout 1.55 meters

       1.8*2.0 meters 4.82 meters (heightening) 1.70 meters or so

1.8*2.0 meters 4.86 meters (heightening) 1.75 meters or so

Note: because the nets are different in height, length of the bracket is not the same, you need to measure the total length of a frame of the original (that is to connect a stent volume), and then select the corresponding size, not net size, just shoot length and indicate the corresponding support, thank you!

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Bold 0.85CM makes your bracket stronger and durable

Specific specifications please contact customer service, so as to avoid errors!! Or call: Mr. 15162725355 pipes 

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