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Product Name: POM& mdash C; also known as: POM saigang polyformaldehyde (POM) in 60s is a high melting point, high crystalline thermoplastic engineering plastics. The temperature range from minus 60 degrees to 100 degrees. Because of its high surface strength and smooth surface, POM has excellent sliding and wear resistance. POM basically doesn't have tension. It has high thermal stability and chemical stability

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Product Brief

Polyoxymethylene board (POM):English name Polyoxymethylene, commonly known as steel plate. It is extruded with POM particles through the extruder at high temperature, and then extruded through the corresponding die mouth to get different thickness of the sheet. It is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics with high melting point and high crystallinity. Because of the good characteristics of POM board, it is very suitable for automatic lathe machining, especially suitable for manufacturing precision parts.

Polyoxymethylene board:It is a linear polymer with no side chains, high density and high crystallinity, and has excellent comprehensive properties

Main characteristics of POM board:High mechanical strength, large rigidity, high hardness, excellent elasticity, sliding and abrasion resistance, good creep resistance, even at low temperature, high impact strength, very good dimensional stability, excellent mechanical properties, physiological inert, suitable for contact with food.


POM panels have the following models:
POM -C/H (black and white): POM copolymer and POM homopolymer, respectively, POM copolymer low melting point, thermal stability, chemical resistance, flow characteristics, hydrolysis resistance, alkali resistance and thermal oxidation degradation, processability better than homopolymer. POM homopolymer has high crystallinity, creep, low thermal expansion rate, wear resistance, mechanical strength, rigidity, thermal deformation temperature and good copolymerization of formaldehyde. (POM semi finished products are commonly used in POM-C market at present)
POM -H+PTFE (dark brown): POM-H+TF is extruded with DuPont POM (DELRIN) raw material with PTFE (Teflon) fiber. It retains most of the inherent strength of POM-H. Due to the addition of PTFE (Tie Fulong) fiber and some properties change, slightly soft, small rigidity, more slippery than pure POM resin. Compared with pure POM plate, the material has better lubricity. The bearings made of POM-H+PTFE have low friction coefficient, wear resistance and almost no creeping phenomenon.

Application fields of pom:POM is widely used in the manufacture of all kinds of sliding rotating machinery, precision parts, gears, bearings, etc.. The use of the industry throughout the automotive, electronics, clothing, medical, mechanical, sports equipment and other fields.