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Quality adjustable diamond straight shank machine reamer grinding rod 4mm-10.5mm factory non-standard custom-made

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Detailed description:


Factory productionNickel cobalt diamond reamerIt is a new tool for machining all kinds of holes. It is widely used in valve bodies and valvesSpare partsBlind holeThrough holeStepped holes, cone facesPrecision machining. The machining hole has high accuracy and good consistencyThe utility model has the advantages of high efficiency, strong adaptability, low cost, simple operation and convenient operation, and is an ideal for finishing holesTools.

It can be divided into two types: separable and fixed.Production specifications of our factory:

Metric system 4., 5., 6., 45, 7., 8., 10., 12., 15., 100, 16., 20, 18., and so onNeed to make special cycle, generally shipped within 7-10 days

British system: 4.76,.35, 7.24, 7.94, 9.53, 10.30, 12.76, 12.76, 50.80, and so onIt needs special customization

2.Installation of diamond reamer:

The diamond reamer is as small as its diameter (phi 5~ Phi 20) and generally clamps the three jaw chuck on the power headThe upper part or the spring collet, the liquid needle holder, holds the workpiece as the feed motion, if the reamer is clamped in the tableDrilling, vertical drilling or honing machine, when the workpiece is fixed, availableOne level floatingIn a word, the workpiece and the reamer are bothThere must be a float (or rigidity) between them. Another rigid (or floating) one. But not bothFloating or rigid connections.

3.Reaming of diamond reamer is the final process of finish machining:

The quality of the hole has a great relationship with the processing quality of the previous process. So the holes required for the preceding process are requiredThere is a certain degree of accuracy and finish. What is the general requirement for accuracy and light in 0.003~0.007mm? Light?Cleanliness 5~6, and residual requirements one, the size of the divergence within 0.007mm. When plane hinge is neededThe verticality of the hole and end face is 0.1mm.


4.Problems needing attention in reaming:

The adaptability of adjustable diamond reamer is relatively wide, and this reamer only needs whetstone or alumina sandTurn out the nickel on the reamer surface. Each time the size is adjusted, the whetstone is usually trimmed slightlyUnder the. When reaming, the whole cylindrical surface of the reamer contacts with the hole, and the heat generated by cutting is difficult to pass throughSurface, in addition to a small part of the heat through the workpiece and the knife body, mainly by cooling lubricant to take awayIt's mainly cooled by coolant, and it falls off when it's spinning. Selection90% kerosene and 10% sulfurized cutCoolant is used as cooling lubricantSo as to take away the cutting heat. Especially when the processing allowance is large, the heat of the productIf the amount of heat and cutting is not taken in time, the cutting will take part in the friction, and the tool body will generate heat and expand the holeThe accuracy and finish will be reduced. Appreciation occurs"Bite knifePhenomenon and shelling of coating. Cooling moisteningThe synovial fluid has the best 5~10kgt/cm pressure, which can cool sufficiently and wash away the cutting. CoolantFiltration is very important, otherwise, cutting and debris particles will be brought into the hole, resulting in scratches have been machinedThe surface reduces the machining finish of the parts, but also damages the reamer.